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  1. NEW: Lomond Eau de Parfum by Executive Shaving

    NEW: Lomond Eau de Parfum by Executive Shaving

    Lomond our brand new Eau de Parfum launched on Friday 9th October '20.
    The parfum is made and it’s now maturing at the Pocket Scents lab in the south side of Glasgow. executive shaving lomond edp
    The Journey
    We have been delighted by the feedback for our Nevis Aftershave Cologne Splash which is also made by Pocket Scents, sales are extremely buoyant and this got me thinking about how we can improve our range, raise the bar and keep our customers engaged a

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  2. Fragrance Free Shaving Products – Satisfying Demand

    We are delighted to be able to announce that we will soon be launching our new Fragrance Free shaving cream and aftershave balm.

    We had hoped to launch these new products earlier this year, but due to the health emergency, we had to delay our plans. They should be with us in Late October.

    Discover more on why we decided to add them to our range and the benefits of using them in this latest blog post from Brian.

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  3. How To Clean Your Safety Razor

    One of the most frequent questions we are asked is ‘How do I keep my safety razor clean’?

    As we try to do with almost every shaving related question – our advice is keep it simple.

    Find out how to keep your razor clean and in tip-top working order with our How to Clean Your Safety Razor blog post.

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  4. Product Shortages - COVID19

    Q: I want to buy Extro Cosmesi Cipresso Aftershave but it’s out of stock, when will it be available?

    We are getting lots of emails and ‘phone calls from customers wanting to buy out of stock items.

    The current health pandemic has impacted product availability from all our suppliers and manufacturers.

    Find out which brands and products are being affected in the this latest blog post form Brian.

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  5. Executive Shaving Jock Synthetic Shaving Brush Review

    Making the change from a real badger hair shaving brush to a synthetic shaving brush can be a bit of a daunting thought for many. Especially those who have used badger brushes for many, many years of happy shaving.

    Dave Glynn, from New Zealand, had the same thoughts when reading that we had decided to stop stocking badger brushes and focus on synthetic.

    Discover his thoughts on how his antique badger brushes compare to the latest generation of synthetic shaving brushes in this special guest blog he wrote for us. You might be surprised by his final conclusion.

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  6. The Executive Shaving Company Covid-19 Response

    The current health emergency over the Covid-19 virus and the subsequent lockdown and social distancing restrictions are a worrying time for everyone. It has been a worrying time for all of us here at the Executive Shaving Company and we share everyone’s concerns as to how long the current lockdown will take to combat the virus. Read our full response to the health emergency in our latest blog post.

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  7. Martin de Candre Shaving Soaps Overview and Review

    Martin de Candre shaving soaps are thought by many to be the very best shaving soaps in the world.

    Find out what Brian thinks of his Martin De Candre shaving soap in this latest blog post.

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  8. The Outlaw Stainless Steel Safety Razor Review

    This is a guest blog by Richard Black a customer of The Executive Shaving Company.

    Richard asked to be the first customer to try out The Outlaw Razor. Discover his thoughts and how he rates it, following his five-day test period of the Outlaw.

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  9. The Executive Shaving Company 2020 News Update

    Our product range is always evolving, and we have some exciting developments for 2020. Read this in-depth blog post of what to expect this year from us.

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  10. UPDATE: The Outlaw Stainless Steel Safety Razor

    Good news, we are only a few short weeks away from launching The Outlaw. I have an expected delivery date of mid-February for the first 200 razors.

    Discover all the details about the Outlaw stainless steel safety razor, its dimensions and a quick video introduction in the latest blog post.

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