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Executive Shaving Company Blog

  1. A review of the Feather DER-A Butterfly Doors, Adjustable Safety Razor

    The launch of the Feather DER-A was a bolt from the blue, the first I knew about it was when the agent sent me a sample in the post. I immediately ordered 25 as I knew there would be initial interest. I was right, we sold 10 after we featured the razor in an email to our customers and another 7 have since sold probably after seeing a Facebook post of ours.

    Find out just how good this razor is in Brian's latest blog post.

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  2. Replica Rubberset Shaving Brushes - Retro Cool

    In June 2018, we were contacted by a shaving brush manufacturer who had an interesting range of brushes he was selling on Etsy. He wanted greater exposure for his brushes and a reliable, trustworthy distributor so he made contact with Executive Shaving.

    Read more about our new replica Rubberset shaving brushes, now available exclusively on Exceutive Shaving, in this latest blog post.

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  3. Intensive Moisturising Balm - Not Just For After Shaving

    Our own Intensive Moisturising Balm has since its launch five years ago never once been out of our top 10 selling items.
    Unlike many other balms, ours has a reputation for being not only an effective aftershave balm but also as a wonderfully good general facial moisturiser.

    Find out more in Brian's latest blog post.

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  4. Present Buying? Shaving Brush Buying Guide

    You may think it’s easy to buy a shaving brush, I guess it is, look shaving brushes up on Google, click and pay, hey presto brush bought. But, is it the right brush? Did you pay too much? What if he doesn’t want an animal hair brush? What if it’s too wee or too big? Right colour or wrong colour? Does it need a stand? Is it any good for lathering hard soaps?
    So many questions, but let me answer them in easy to understand terms.

    Read how to in this latest blog post.

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  5. Single Edge Razor Treats Skin Problems

    Men with skin problems often don’t shave for days on end and when they do eventually shave they suffer from redness, itchiness, razor bumps and cuts.OneBlade Core Razor
    I believe the vast majority of these problems can be eliminated if the user has a good shaving technique and uses the right tools.

    Read how in this blog post.

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  6. Aloe Clear Treats Ingrown Hairs & Post Shave Irritation

    Some men suffer from post-shave skin irritation. Aloe Clear is a natural and effective treatment against redness, itchiness, razor bumps, razor burn and ingrown hairs.

    Read Brian's latest blog post on the benefits of using Aloe Clear.

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  7. A Review: The Genesis OneBlade Single Edge Razor

    Executive Shaving has been appointed sole UK agents for OneBlade.
    OneBlade kindly donated a Genesis and a Core razor for us to try out and be able to talk to customers with first-hand knowledge about how the razors shave.
    Check out our Brian’s review of the OneBlade Genesis after using it for several days.

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  8. 10 Essential Summer Men’s Shaving & Grooming & Travel Items

    Here are my top 10 Summer Essentials that every well-groomed man should have.

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  9. Wet Shaving for Women: An Interview with Christine

    When it comes to shaving, women have a poor choice of quality products to choose from. Here at Executive Shaving we want to change that. There is no reason why women should not enjoy the benefits of wet shaving that are available to men. In this blog post we interviewed Christina, a renowned personal trainer from Glasgow, who has recently switched to using a safety razor to shave with. Find out her thoughts on how wet shaving gives her a smoother, better shave.

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  10. Wet Shaving for Women: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide

    If you have decided to switch to traditional wet shaving to shave your legs, or anywhere else, you will find this step by step guide on what to do essential reading. In it we detail what you should use and how you should use it to get the smoothest, irritation free shave from your wet shaving kit.

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