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  1. Shaving - A Money Saving Way To Wet Shave

    We all know times are tough right now as we see the price of petrol and diesel, heating, food and mortgages increase significantly. There are cost-cutting measures we can introduce and if you’re a wet shaver who uses cartridge blades, you’ve got to read this.
    From what I can gather, it seems Gillette Fusion are the most popular cartridge blades, Gillette currently has them on offer today (13th May 2022) at £24.00 for 8 cartridges.
    Muhle R89 Safety Razor
    This works out at £3.00 per cartridge, despite what Gillette claim, I have only managed to get four decent shaves from one cartridge, I know this as I used a Fusion for a three day trip to Dublin (what a city) and the first four shaves were very decent, the fifth shave when I got home wasn’t pleasan

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  2. Musgo Real Black Edition Range Reviewed

    Although the Black Edition range was launched around 18 months ago, it is new to The Executive Shaving Company.

    The Musgo Real range of face and body soaps are huge sellers for us but their shaving creams and colognes are not as popular, additionally buying from Musgo Real in Portugal meant buying in numbers that met their Minimum Quantity Volumes. The Black Edition range wasn’t economically viable for us. 

    Musgo Real Black Edition Range
    This changed recently when Musgo Real appointed a UK based agent we already use for a few other brands and they allow you to buy small volumes and of course, there are no import Brexit hassles to contend with.
    We now have i

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  3. Jock Synthetic Shaving Brushes

    In the interests of animal welfare, in 2018 we decided to no longer sell or promote badger hair brushes.
    Shortly afterwards, we launched our range of Jock Synthetic Shaving Brushes and since then we have sold many 1,000s around the world.
    Users love the pillow-soft fibres, the ease of use, the excellent value for money and of course they love that no animal had to die for its fur.
    Choose from two sizes and three colours. Available in large with a generous 28mm knot and medium with its 23mm knot.
    Big Jock is available in faux horn, faux ivory and black while Medium Jock is available in faux horn and black.
    The lathe-turned handles are ergonomically designed for comfort and

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  4. How To Save Money On Shaving and Grooming Items

    How To Save Money On Shaving and Grooming Items

    Times are tough and they’re going to get tougher as inflation soars, fuel bills rise and Brexit bites even deeper.
    We have a few ideas for you where you can save money and not skimp on how you look.
    Save money on razor blades
    If you use a cartridge razor such as Gillette Fusion, save money on expensive replacement blades by using a RazorPit Blade Sharpener, this simple tool extends blade life from around 6-8 shaves to up to 150 shaves. At only £19.95 it will pay for itself in no time at all.
    If you are a cartridge razor shaver, switch to a safety razor, not only is this method better for your skin, but it’s also better for your wallet too. A

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  5. New Black Range from Stef Baxter

    I first stumbled across Stef Baxter’s work a few years ago in a trendy market in Glasgow that specialises in artisan-made items.  There was a display of handmade bowls and plates that caught my eye, the display stand told me the bowls were Glasgow made by Stef Baxter.

    I saw the potential for shaving bowls and I duly made contact with Stef, two weeks later he had produced sample bowls for me, a week later and the new range was uploaded onto our website and sales for Baxter bowls have been extremely buoyant ever since.
    Baxter bowls have been available in a variety of colours but now for the first time, we have Jet Black in stock.
    Included in this range:

    • Large Size Bowl with grip, suitable for left and right-handed users (pictured)
    • Bowl w
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  6. Pasta del Capitano Toothpastes and Toothbrushes

    Pasta del Capitano toothpaste Original Recipe was the first toothpaste launched in Italy in 1905. It became immediately famous for its unique flavour of leaves of carnation, spearmint and cinnamon that delivers a fresh breath and a confident smile.
    The reason this toothpaste became an instant hit in 1905 was its paste-like consistency. Until the beginning of the 20th century, teeth were brushed with tooth powder which was not always convenient in practice.
    pasta capitano toothpastes
    The toothpaste developed by Clemente Ciccarelli, a captain in the Royal Italian Army and a Doctor of Chemical Pharmacy, was easy to use, store and transport. The toothpaste was initially sold only to a small group of customers and

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  7. Three Recommended Roll-On Deodorants

    I came across this article from 2021 online and it made me stop and think about how we can help reduce pollution. The article mentions shoppers should stop buying spray cans of deodorant and air fresheners because they are a major source of toxic pollution.  
    With that in mind, we are steadily increasing the number of roll-on deodorants we stock, the latest additions are Havana by Geo F Trumper and Men Extra Dry and Dermo Protection both by Spain based LEA. Roll-on Deodorants
    Naturally, I asked for samples to test before we committed to buying, here are my views on them:

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  8. Parker InjRzr Adjustable Single Edge Razor

    Parker InjRzr Adjustable Single Edge Razor
    Parker has been around since 1973, they’re based in India and owned by a great guy called Deepak Grover. Deepak has in the past few years shifted the Parker razor range from mostly basic three-piece safety razors to semi-slant head, butterfly doors, an open and closed comb head razor and an adjustable razor. The new generation Parker razors are better engineered and finished compared to the older models.
    Now Deepak has developed a Single Edge Adjustable Razor the InjRzr which borrows a few design features from the 1960s-79s American made Schick razors.
    The InjRzr is made from stainless steel with a ridged plastic handle grip. It’s a lightweight razor yet due to the shape of the handle the grip is never anything less than sure.
    The InjRzr features an adjustment dial with 5 x settings, dial to number 1 for

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  9. ACCA KAPPA Barbershop Shaving Soap - Review

    I had a stroke of luck last week, one of our packers dropped a tin of
    ACCA KAPPA Barbershop Shaving Soap and dented the lid. Rather than the hassle of adding it to our Sale section on our website, I decided to buy it and see what all the fuss is about.
    I already own Santa Maria Novella Shaving Soap which benefits from menthol and eucalyptus both are pleasingly refreshing on the skin. This premium shaving soap from Italy retails at £45.00 for 220ml. It’s one of the very best I have used.
    Would ACCA KAPPA Barbershop Shaving Soap be as good?

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  10. Och Vegan Handmade Soaps

    Och Vegan Handmade Soaps
    On a lovely, sunny Sunday afternoon in September, my wife and I were out for our 10k step walk and we popped into a street market in Shawlands, Glasgow which is close to Pollokshields where we live. Here we came across Magdalena Och (pictured) and her partner Remi who were selling their range of Och Vegan soaps. We stopped to have a look at the range and after a lot of sniffing samples and pondering Shona decided to buy an Awakening hand, face and body soap. Magdalena immediately offered me a sample of Grounding and we had a brief chat about the Och Vegan range. She told me that she and Remi are originally from Poland but had moved to Glasgow a few years back and they have a workshop in Glasgow where they invent and produce a range of soaps, body butters, lip balms and even a deodorant. I know of a few Glasgow based soap companies but what piqued my interest in Och Vegan was their commitment to only producing vegan products, the minimal, recyclable

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