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Executive Shaving Company Blog

  1. How to Dispose of Used Safety Razor Blades

    How to Safely Dispose of Used Safety Razor and Single Edge Razor Blades

    These days, smart thinking people want to recycle as much metal as we possibly can, the planet has finite resources and every little helps. This includes used safety razor blades. From a health and safety aspect, it is only common sense and decency to dispose of used blades safely, refuse workers deserve protection from irresponsibly dumped razor blades.
    There are a number of ways you can safely dispose of used safety razor blades. The most obvious solution is to buy a Blade Bank. We stock two, one by the German giants of the shaving world Muhle the other by OneBlade of USA.
    Muhle Blade Bank for R

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  2. How to Take Care of a Quality Leather Wash Bag

    How to Take Care of a Quality Leather Wash Bag

    Here at Executive Shaving, we believe in using high-quality products, and we have partnered with Aspinal of London to bring you their top tips in taking care of a leather wash bag, like those available in their toiletries bag range.


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  3. The Story Behind Fuar Ach Snog

    A couple of years back, Fitjar the Norwegian soap makers launched a limited edition version of their top-selling mentholated Folegefonn Shaving Cream. They called it Extra Sterk. Extra Sterk translates to Extra Strong and only around 90 were made. Our allocation of 30 sold out within hours and the second batch of 30 also sold out in record time. This proved to me that there is a market for menthol based shaving products. We approached the firm that makes our Natural, Bay Rum and Citrus Kiss creams and balms and had them make us samples of matching mentholated shaving creams and aftershave balms.
    We tested several over a period of two months and rejected them for not being minty enough on the skin, the scent being off-putting and various other problems. We were getting closer to what we wanted with every sample

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  4. Why We Are Having Another Sale

    Why We Are Having Another Sale

    Q: Why are you having another sale? Asked Shona our finance manager. Shona breaks out in a cold sweat at the thought of reducing prices! Sale Page
    The answer is we need to either find a larger warehouse or we need to clear some space. Why? Simples, we have exciting plans to bring in more new products which we don’t have space for.
    For example, Scottish Fine Soaps and Extro Cosmesi are two wonderful brands and we would like to stock all of the Extro Cosmesi range w

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  5. Executive Shaving 2019 News Update

    The Executive Shaving Company 2019 News Update

    We never rest on our laurels, we’re constantly looking to improve our own brand range and the choice of brands we sell to bring our customers more choice, better quality and value for money. Natural Shaving Cream by Executive Shaving (200ml)

    New Aftershave

    A glaring gap in our own brand portfolio is a traditional, splash-on aftershave. After much deliberation and testing, we have at last, chosen one. It&rsq

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  6. Three Reasons Why You Should Use A Safety Razor

    There are three main reasons why you should shave with a safety razor as opposed to a cartridge razor.

    1). It’s better for your skin
    2). It’s better for the environment
    3). It’s cheaper than shaving with cartridge blades

    Let’s look at these three points in more detail.

    It’s better for your skin. Today’s modern razors and electric shavers are no match for a double-edged safety razor. This is due to the very design of modern cartridge razors. The blades in a multi-blade cartridge are each positioned to gradually extend toward your beard, unlike a safety razor. These cartridges achieve their closeness by stretching the skin with a layer of rubberised ‘micro fins’, then by lifting the hair and slicing it off at a point slightly below the surface of the skin. It is thi

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  7. Shave Daily With No Post-Shave Problems

    Men with skin problems often avoid shaving for days or even weeks on end and when they do eventually shave, they suffer from redness, itchiness, razor bumps and cuts.
    I believe the vast majority of these problems can be eliminated if the user has a good shaving technique and the right tools. 
    First things first, no matter which type of razor you use -

    • Always shave with a sharp blade, the sharper the better.
    • Always shave on top of a rich, creamy, protective lather.
    • Shave with a light touch
    • Shave in the direction your bristles grow (until your skin problems are resolved).
    • After shaving moisturise and soothe your skin with an aftershave balm.

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  8. A review of the Feather DER-A Butterfly Doors, Adjustable Safety Razor

    The launch of the Feather DER-A was a bolt from the blue, the first I knew about it was when the agent sent me a sample in the post. I immediately ordered 25 as I knew there would be initial interest. I was right, we sold 10 after we featured the razor in an email to our customers and another 7 have since sold probably after seeing a Facebook post of ours.

    Find out just how good this razor is in Brian's latest blog post.

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  9. Replica Rubberset Shaving Brushes - Retro Cool

    In June 2018, we were contacted by a shaving brush manufacturer who had an interesting range of brushes he was selling on Etsy. He wanted greater exposure for his brushes and a reliable, trustworthy distributor so he made contact with Executive Shaving.

    Read more about our new replica Rubberset shaving brushes, now available exclusively on Exceutive Shaving, in this latest blog post.

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  10. Intensive Moisturising Balm - Not Just For After Shaving

    Our own Intensive Moisturising Balm has since its launch five years ago never once been out of our top 10 selling items.
    Unlike many other balms, ours has a reputation for being not only an effective aftershave balm but also as a wonderfully good general facial moisturiser.

    Find out more in Brian's latest blog post.

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