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  1. An Independent Review of The Mild Outlaw Safety Razor

    Jason Jones of ShavingAdvisor.com reviews in depth our Outlaw Mild safety razor. Find out how grades it for Quality/Design, Performance, Ease of Use, Aggressiveness, Value for Money and a final Overall rating in his review.

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  2. Ladies Let's Talk... An Update!

    What I've discovered after eight months of wet shaving!

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  3. Klhip The World’s Best Nail Clippers

    Have Klhip produced the best nail clippers in the world? Find out the answer in our latest blog post.

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  4. The Rockwell T2 Adjustable Safety Razor

    Dr Shave eats humble pie and serves you his thoughts on the newest Rockwell T2 Adjustable Safety Razor.
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  5. Update on The Top Five Razor Blades

    In this post we look at the top five razor blades at Executive Shaving as decided by our customers.

    Way back in 2017 we listed out the Top Five selling razor blades at Executive Shaving, find out how that top five has changed with our latest blog post.

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  6. Claymore Evolution – An Update

    The machine shop today is (at last) finishing off the last of the sample razors, Steve Tinter of Hong Kong based The Alpha Shaving Brush Company will pick them up tomorrow. Steve will keep one for himself, give one to a friend who is an experienced safety razor user and send one to me.

    Find out more about when we expect to have the long awaited Claymore razor in this latest blog post.

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  7. My Road to Damascus Castle Forbes Cedarwood & Sandalwood Shaving Cream

    I have never hidden my admiration for the Castle Forbes brand, they are known throughout the world for their high-quality shaving creams, balms and Eau de Parfums.

    Find out what it is Brian has changed his mind on from Castle Forbes in his latest blog post.

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  8. NEWS FLASH: The Claymore Evolution Single Edge Stainless Steel

    The latest update on The Claymore Evolution Single Edge Stainless Steel Safety Razor. 

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  9. An Exclusive Interview with Andrew from Castle Forbes

    We always rave about Castle Forbes, and for a good reason! We managed to pin down the man behind it all, Andrew, for an exclusive interview so you can find out more about what makes it so special.

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  10. A Review - Muhle R41SG

    Dr Shave takes the new Muhle R41 Stainless Steel out for a spin, read all about it here. 

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