A Homage to Elegance: An In-depth Review on the Outlaw by Brian Mulreany

A Homage to Elegance: An In-depth Review on the Outlaw by Brian Mulreany

I finally got around to testing out the updated Outlaw Safety Razor 

Previously, there were two options of the Outlaw razor available from Executive Shaving, the Mild and the Standard options, with this new, improved Outlaw razor there is now only one option.  

Like the original Outlaw razors, this new version is also all stainless steel. 

How would the Outlaw perform on a week’s growth of stubble and as a daily shave thereafter? Here’s my thoughts on it. 

As expected, the Outlaw easily dealt with a week’s growth, in two fuss free passes, with a quick tidy up under my chin was all that was needed for a close, smooth shave. After rinsing and cleaning the razor, my skin felt smooth and irritation free, with no redness and no razor bumps. I was impressed! 

Whilst that first test was on a lot of stubble growth, how would the Outlaw razor perform on the next days shave, when there was much less stubble to cut through? 

Once again, the new Outlaw razor delivered great results, a very smooth shave, with zero irritation. 

Thereafter, I used the Outlaw razor in my usual two-pass shave, one pass with the grain and a second pass against the grain.  

After several weeks of regular, daily shaving with the Outlaw razor I felt no rawness on my skin, there were no razor bumps and no razor burn, and most importantly I had not experienced any nicks. 


So how does the Outlaw compare to other razors? 

In recent months I have gone back to using my Merkur 34C razor and my Executive Shaving Claymore single edge razor in rotation. 

Compared to both those razors the Outlaw razor gives a much closer shave than the Merkur 34C razor, and one that is very comparable to the Claymore single edge razor. The Claymore just holds the edge in terms of closeness, as it uses Feather Injector blades which deliver a much closer shave. As a result of this when I use the Claymore, I have to concentrate and take my time; the Outlaw razor however is effortless to use. 

When I used a mild razor, such as the Merkur 34C razor or the Muhle R89 razor, I often had to do three or more passes to get that close shave I’m looking for and this often leads to skin irritation developing. 

To combat that I started to use the Claymore daily over an extended period, however, I felt it was a bit too much for my skin. That’s why I used it in rotation with my Merkur 34C. The Claymore single edge razor is a great razor, but perhaps not one for daily shaving. 

The Outlaw safety razor outperformed the milder Merkur 34C by some distance, as it’s a much more efficient shaver. I found it gave me the smooth shave I wanted after only two passes, not the three of four I was getting from the Merkur 34C. It matched the Claymore in terms of efficiency but surpassed it in overall performance as it left my skin free from any post-shave irritation. 


In Summary 

To sum up, the Executive Shaving Outlaw safety razor is well engineered, has a flawless high shine, hand polished finish, and is easy to grip thanks to the deep knurl on the handle. It is well balanced, giving you optimum control and feedback for a great shave. The drainage slots prevented any clogging around the cutting-edge during shaving. Being made from stainless steel it will last a lifetime. The laser etched Executive Shaving logo is a guarantee of the razor’s quality. 

For reference throughout the trial period I used a mix of Tiger, Personna and Feather blades, the new Executive Shaving Cedarwood and Citrus Shaving Cream and Nevis Aftershave Splash. 

This new and improved Outlaw is a winner and one I couldn’t live without. Get one for yourself, I’m sure you will agree with me. 


Who do I think the Outlaw is suitable for?  

If you’re new to safety razor shaving, this will be the only razor you will ever buy. Using it is very intuitive. 

If you’re an experienced safety razor user, the Outlaw will prove to be more efficient than mild razors such as the Merkur 34C and Muhle R89 as you will only need two passes for a perfect shave. My mantra over the years has always been that fewer passes equals less skin irritation.  

With its price point as well, it is the ideal opportunity to upgrade your shaving routine to a stainless-steel razor without breaking the bank. 

I hope you enjoy using the Executive Shaving Outlaw safety razor as much as I did. 

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