Best Shaving Creams For Beginners

You can’t beat a good quality shaving cream and you will find The Executive Shaving Company range of shaving cream very hard to beat for performance or value.
All-natural ingredients, no paraben, alcohol or artificial fragrances, they are suitable for all skin types.
One tub of shaving cream will last anywhere between 4 to 6 months continuous use.

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Save 5%

For beginners who are new to wet shaving, or the more experienced shaver who is changing to a safety razor, we always recommend using a good quality shaving cream to create a rich, thick, protective shaving lather that allows the razor to glide across your face without any irritation. This is one of the key components to reducing irritation and getting a smooth, close shave.

The shaving creams listed in this Best Shaving Creams for Beginners section have been designed to give excellent protection, glide and lubrication for all types of razors. They are all natural and don’t contain any parabens, alcohols, artificial colourants or harsh chemicals. They are suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

These shaving creams can be applied by hand; however, you get a much better lather by using a shaving brush. Check out our selection of Shaving Brushes for Beginners section to find one that suits you.

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