Best Synthetic Shaving Brushes For Beginners

A good quality synthetic shaving brush is soft on the skin yet has enough backbone to create a good lather. They dry quickly after use, don’t smell or fan out and they don’t lose hairs.
They are more ethical too, no animal was harmed in making one.

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At the Executive Shaving Company we have been recommending the use of synthetic shaving brushes to all our customers, whether novice or expert. The performance of a good quality next generation synthetic shaving brush is indistinguishable from that of the very top-level silvertip or super badger hair shaving brushes.

Our synthetic shaving brushes benefit from being incredibly soft on the skin, yet still having enough backbone in the bristle to create a good, thick shaving lather. These brushes dry quickly after use, don’t smell, and they don’t lose hairs either, a real problem with all grades of badger hair shaving brushes. Synthetic shaving brushes are the more ethical choice too, no animal was harmed in making one.

Our Budget Synthetic Shaving Brush is the perfect entry level brush for you to start off with. Our bestselling Medium Jock Synthetic Shaving Brush offers the best balance between size, performance and price.

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