Single Edge Safety Razors

If you want a closer, smoother shave with even less fuss, then a single edged safety razor is for you.

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Parker InjRzr Adjustable Injector Single Edge Razor
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Welcome to our Single Edged Safety Razors Collection

The Claymore Single Edged Safety Razor

Upgrade your shaving experience with our Claymore single edged safety razor, perfect for those looking to transition up from a double-edged safety razor.

Single edged safety razors use a wider, stiffer razor blade with one very sharp edge, providing a close shave similar to a straight razor or cutthroat razor, but without the intimidation or need to change technique.

Elevate your grooming routine for a closer, smoother shave with fewer passes and less irritation. Pair it with Feather Professional Injector Blades for optimal performance.

For a video introduction to the Claymore razor, check out our The Claymore Single Edge Razor information page.

The Parker Adjustable Single Edge Razor

For those who want to experiment with a single edged safety razor first, before taking the plunge with the Claymore, try the Parker Adjustable Injector Razor. With five settings to choose from, ranging from mild to close, customize your shave to match your preferences.

If you have any questions or need some help choosing the right razor, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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