Shaving Brushes For Beginners

Always use a shaving brush to apply your lather before shaving. The brush lifts the beard hairs and gets the lather under them in preparation for shaving. It also exfoliates the skin too.

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If you are a recent convert to wet shaving, or even if you are not, using a good quality shaving brush is an essential part of your shaving routine. Whether you use a cartridge razor such as a Gillette Mach3 or Fusion, safety razor or cut throat razor we always recommend that you use a shaving brush to apply your shaving lather.

The shaving brush will help you create a rich, thick lather from your shaving soap, shaving cream or even shaving gel. The shaving brush bristles help lift your beard hairs off the skin and get the lather under them. This helps improve razor glide and reduce skin irritation during shaving.

There are literally thousands of different makes and types of shaving brush available on the market today and it can be hard for the beginner to know where to start. To help you we have specially selected some of our best quality brushes in this Shaving Brushes for Beginners category. You can browse our selection of Best Synthetic Shaving Brushes for Beginners, or if you favour a more traditional badger hair brush, check out the Best Badger Hair Shaving Brushes for Beginners section.

All the brushes we have selected for you from our vast range will give excellent performance and if looked after it will give you many years faithful service. To find out how to maintain your brush read our Shaving Brush Care blog post.

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