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A good strop is essential if you shave with a cut throat razor. You need to strop the razor before each shave to ensure the razor is ready to use.

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To maintain the correct cutting edge on your cut throat razor you will need to strop it before each shave. Stropping on a leather strop removes the fine burrs that form on the cutting edge of a cut throat razor (the fin). It is essential to strop a cut throat razor in order to get a comfortable, close shave. Strops come in a variety of sizes and styles; our range includes leather belt type strops, wooden paddle strops and adjustable strops.

A strop needs to be maintained, our range of strop pastes and balms include strop balms to help prevent your strop from cracking and prolonging its life and abrasive strop pastes.

An abrasive strop paste helps to remove burrs while a strop balm will keep the strop supple and free of cracks.

The razors we sell leave the workshop in a 'shave ready' condition. However, the cutting edge of the razor (the fin) may bend over ever so slightly. Stropping will right the fin. Razors bought from us should not need honed for at least 9 months if stropped properly. We recommend you watch some YouTube tutorial videos before your strop your razor. Many perfectly good razors are ruined by incorrect stropping; you need to learn this technique.

To prevent corrosion, after use, you must dry the razor thoroughly and store in a dry environment. A razor will benefit from a light application of razor oil if it's going to be stored for more than a few days between uses.

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