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If you are traveling for work or pleasure you can still take a good quality shaving brush away with you. These travel shaving brushes have been designed to be compact, but without any compromise on quality.

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MÜHLE Brown Leather Fusion Razor & Brush Travel Set
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Whether you are heading overseas, away on business or simply down to the gym a good travel shaving brush is essential. These brushes are smaller and more compact than a normal sized shaving brush and have been specially designed to fit in your wash bag or luggage without any fuss, or taking up too much space.
Many of these travel shaving brushes feature cases which protect the brush from any damaged during travel.

Travel shaving brushes some with different bristle types, you can select from badger hair brushes and synthetic fibre brushes.

Synthetic fibre brushes are best for travel, because the dry quickly after use, so you don’t get any issues with smell or mould.

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