Atomisers and Pumps

Using an atomiser to apply your favourite cologne or aftershave helps avoid any waste and helps to make it last longer.

The Geo. F. Trumper pump is designed to be used with their 500ml bottles of skin food, shower gel and shampoos.

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Don't waste your cologne or eau de parfum, use an atomiser. No mess, no waste.

These days many fragrances come in bottles that have no atomiser, as such too much product ends up on your hands and not where you want it to be. This is very wasteful, an atomiser cuts down on wastage and is massively more economical than pouring fragrance from the bottle.

Geo F Trumper Pump Dispenser for 500ml Bottles
Cut down on waste and make dispensing shampoo, shower gel and skin food easy.
No more fiddling about trying to unscrew tops when your hands are wet.
Please Note: this pump only fits the GFT 500ml bottles.

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