Shaving Foams and Gels

If you prefer to use a shaving gel, or even a foam for shaving with, then check out our range below. These gels and foams are of a much higher quality than the cheap cans you find in the supermarket.

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MÜHLE Contour Shave Gel 100ml
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Although we recommend using a traditional shaving soap or cream applied with a shaving brush, we appreciate that some men prefer to shave using a shaving foam or shaving gel. Therefore, we have put together a range of skin-friendly shaving foams and gels, all of which are suitable for those with sensitive skin.

The mens shaving foam and gel range includes products from top names including Arran Sense of Scotland, Proraso, Agua de Colonia Concentrada and Scottish Fine Soaps, all of which contain natural lubricants, unlike the majority of the readily available supermarket shaving foams/gels.

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