Introducing Rannoch Eau de Parfum: A Fragrance Journey of Luxury and Allure

Introducing Rannoch Eau de Parfum: A Fragrance Journey of Luxury and Allure

My final project at Executive Shaving, before departing in June 2022, was bringing Rannoch Eau de Parfum to life for Robert and Ally. Working closely with our trusted perfumer, Matt Wilson, who is based in Glasgow, we set out to create a fragrance that would leave a lasting impression.

Collaborating with Matt involved multiple meetings to outline our vision. We had clear goals in mind:
• the scent had to exude youthfulness.
• offer immediate impact with long-lasting allure.
• stand out as unique.
• appeal to both men and women across age groups.
Matt crafted several samples, which we meticulously tested, gathering feedback not only from customers but also from colleagues and delivery personnel.

After much deliberation and refinement, Rannoch Eau de Parfum emerged as our pièce de résistance.

rannoch eau de parfum fragrance pyramid

What to Expect from Rannoch

Reviews on Fragrantica, a prominent fragrance review platform, have been overwhelmingly positive. Descriptions like "top notch," "fantastic," “lasts all day,” and "great value" abound. Influential blogger Kris Munro hailed Rannoch as "warm and alluring, this scent is perfect for work or play, it can be used by everyone" suitable for any occasion.

Our take? Anticipate invigorating top notes of Bitter Orange, followed by the floral richness of Geranium, and anchored by the robust essence of Cedar, Leather, and Oud. Rannoch promises instant impact and enduring allure, garnering compliments throughout the day and into the night.

The opulent presentation, with its substantial glass bottle, wooden cap, and lavish outer packaging, speaks to the luxury within. Whether gifted to a loved one or indulged in personally, Rannoch Eau de Parfum elevates any moment, day or night.

Available in the stunning 100ml presentation, we also have an travel friendly 10ml pocket sized edition too.

My Affection for Rannoch

brian spraying rannoch on and enjoying the scent

Before Rannoch, my go-to fragrances were Kuros by Yves Saint Laurent and Lomond by Executive Shaving. However, Rannoch's debut changed everything.

It's the only fragrance I've worn that consistently garners praise from both men and women. Even my wife, Shona, has become a devotee, often borrowing my travel-sized Rannoch when we're abroad.

I'll never forget the time a waitress in Sabinillas, Spain, remarked, "guau, huelen bien" – "wow, you guys smell nice"! It's moments like these that reinforce Rannoch's undeniable charm.

Rannoch Eau de Parfum is a fragrance that will hold its own against any other fragrance available in the market today. It won't let you down.

Experience the allure of Rannoch Eau de Parfum for yourself today. Shop now.

Check out Brian's video review of Rannoch below.

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