Reveal Your Skin's Natural Radiance with the Executive Shaving Intensive Moisturiser

Reveal Your Skin's Natural Radiance with the Executive Shaving Intensive Moisturiser

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Are you searching for the ultimate skincare solution that caters to all your needs? Look no further than Executive Shaving's Intensive Moisturiser. Crafted with care in Scotland, our moisturiser is more than just a skincare product – it's a testament to purity, efficacy, and ethical practices.

Unveiling the Essence

Harnessing the pristine waters of Loch Lee, nestled amidst the tranquil landscapes of Scotland, our Intensive Moisturiser is a fusion of nature's finest elements. The pristine water from Loch Lee, untouched by pollutants, lends unparalleled purity to our formula, ensuring optimal hydration without compromising on quality.

Embrace Nature's Bounty

Infused with a blend of natural ingredients including Almond Oil, Cocoa Seed Butter, and Aloe, our moisturiser is soothing nourishment for your skin. Delicately scented and easily absorbed, it restores your skin's natural pH balance, leaving it supple, rejuvenated, and irresistibly soft.

Versatility Redefined

Designed for all skin types, our Intensive Moisturiser can be used in many different ways. Whether it's post-shave care, protection against the elements, or daily skincare rituals, its versatility knows no bounds. Plus, it's cruelty-free – because skincare should never come at the expense of our furry friends.

Eco-Friendly Innovation

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond ingredients. Housed in a recyclable plastic container, our moisturiser champions eco-friendly practices. The airless pump ensures minimal product wastage, while the push-down dispenser eliminates air contamination, preserving the integrity and lifespan of the formula.

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Testimonials Speak Louder Than Words

But don't just take our word for it. Our customers swear by the transformative power of our Intensive Moisturiser. From shielding skin against harsh weather conditions to restoring lost moisture after a long day, or preventing skin irritation after shaving and waxing, its effectiveness is unmatched.
Check out some of the many positive reviews left by happy customers about the Executive Shaving Intensive Moisturiser.

Your Skin's Sanctuary

Elevate your skincare routine with Executive Shaving's Intensive Moisturiser. Whether it's a quick fix for dry hands, a soothing balm post-shave, or an everyday indulgence, let our moisturiser be your skin's sanctuary.

Available Options

Available in two different container sizes, choose from our convenient 100ml or larger, more economical 200ml sizes, priced competitively to ensure accessibility without compromising on quality. Both the lid and container are 100% recyclable, echoing our commitment to sustainability.


Invest in your skin's well-being with Executive Shaving's Intensive Moisturiser. Embrace nature's purity, embrace versatility, and embrace ethical skincare practices – because when it comes to your skin, nothing but the best will suffice.

Unlock the secret to radiant, nourished skin – try Executive Shaving's Intensive Moisturiser today.

With Executive Shaving, your skin's journey to perfection begins now.

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