Save Money Wet Shaving

Save Money Wet Shaving

How do I save money shaving?

Simple, switching from your regular cartridge razor to shaving with a double-edged safety razor will lead to significant savings. Make the transition from cartridge blades to a double-edged safety razor and you will find your weekly shaving costs drop dramatically.

The Costs Compared

While a high-quality safety razor from brands like MuhleMerkur, or even the Giesen & Forsthoff Timor, may initially cost around £40.00 to buy, it's an investment that lasts a lifetime. These razors are much more robust and will be able to easily stand up to the rigours of daily shaving. You should expect many years of daily shaving from a good, well maintained safety razor.

The real savings from safety razor shaving come from the replacement blades.

a pile of Personna razor blade packets

At Executive Shaving, a typical packet of double-edged razor blades, such as a packet from Personna, only costs £3.50 for 10 individual blades. That equates to a mere 35 pence per blade.

Typically, a single safety razor blade can provide between three to five shaves. If you change the blade after five shaves, the cost per shave amounts to only 7 pence!

Compare this to the Gillette Fusion razor, one of the most popular cartridge razors on the market. Replacement blades for the Fusion usually cost around £13.00 for four, meaning each blade costs £3.25, (ASDA online price 13th March 2024).

Although Gillette blades may offer up to five shaves, they often struggle to cleanly cut beard hairs after the third or fourth shaves. However, lets be generous and use the five shaves as a direct comparison to the safety razor blades; this still amounts to 65 pence per shave.

Weekly Savings

For most men shaving five times a week, the monthly cost of using a safety razor totals £1.40, compared to a staggering £13.00 with a Gillette Fusion. That's a monthly saving of £11.60 or £137.80 annually.

With the initial investment recouped in just four months, switching to shaving with a safety razor proves to be a remarkable investment, providing significant financial savings year after year.

Better for your skin and the environment

Beyond the financial savings, there are other compelling reasons to consider shaving with a safety razor.
• It is gentler on your skin.
• It is environmentally friendly.
• Unlike cartridge blades, safety razor blades can be recycled, preventing them from ending up in landfills or polluting our oceans.

Make the switch today to save money, prioritise your skin's health, and help the environment.

Turn shaving from a chore back in to a pleasure.

Check out our Safety Razor Starter Kit, which includes everything you need to start wet shaving with a safety razor, along with a handy video guide on how to use everything to get the best shave possible.

Browse through our complete range of safety razors or check out the specific ones we recommend for Beginners, or those suffering from Sensitive Skin issues.

Check out our video below which illustrates the savings to be made by using safety razor blades instead of cartridge razor blades.

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