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Turn shaving from a chore to a pleasure with our Executive Shaving Starter Kits.

Our Starter Kits contain everything you need for the smoothest, most comfortable shave and are better for your skin, your wallet & the environment. 

Benefits of Using a Safety Razor Starter Kit 

Better for Your Skin

  • One sharp blade against your skin instead of multiple dull blades that drag and pull hair reduces irritation.

  • Our products are paraben free and packed full of skin friendly ingredients.
  • Pre shave oil offers an extra layer of lubrication, allowing the razor to glide across the skin.

  • The highly concentrated shaving cream provides superior lather and protection compared to a foam or gel.

  • The moisturiser instantly soothes & nourishes freshly shaved skin, restoring its natural pH balance.

Better for Your Wallet

  • You will save £100s each year on blades, recouping your initial investment in the kit very quickly.

  • Replacement blades cost ~£0.35 compared to cartridges which cost £2.00+. Depending on usage, a safety razor blade should last between 3-5 shaves meaning it costs pennies per shave.

  • The razor and brush have been designed to last for many years - you will not need to buy replacement razor handles.

  • Our pre shave, shaving cream & moisturiser will provide around 6 months of daily shaves.

Better for the Environment

  • Multi-blade cartridges are made from mixed materials which mean these are not recyclable. A huge number end up in landfill or the oceans each year. Safety razor blades are made from 100% steel and can be recycled.

  • The pre shave, shaving cream & moisturiser all come in fully recyclable containers - no aerosols!

  • Our brushes are made from synthetic fibres - no animals have been harmed for their hair.

  • None of our products contain any animal products or have been tested on animals.

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How to Shave with our Safety Razor Starter Kit

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Executive Shaving Safety Razor Starter Kit

The Safety Razor Starter Kit includes everything you need to enjoy a luxurious, close and comfortable wet shave. 

Containing our top selling products, the razor and the brush will give you many years of service while the pre shave, shaving cream and post shave will last you for around 6 months of daily use. 


Water soluble pre shave oil for an extra layer of protection

Super soft synthetic shaving brush

Original natural shaving cream for a rich lather

German made MÜHLE R89 safety razor - great for beginners and those with sensitive skin

Tiger safety razor blades (5 pack)

Intensive Moisturiser to calm & soothe the skin

Alum matchsticks for those nicks that can happen!

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