DOVO Primo Safety Razors

DOVO Primo Safety Razors

Decades of expertise culminate in a shaving masterpiece

Dovo Primo razor on top of packaging box

Introducing Primo from DOVO, a name that signifies a fresh start – not just for your shaving routine, but for the entire wet shaving community.

Harnessing over a century's worth of knowledge, condensed and refined over two years of meticulous development, Primo emerged as the epitome of shaving excellence. Countless samples and relentless refinement have sculpted this unparalleled safety razor, setting a new standard in wet shaving.

In the realm of wet shaving, even the slightest variation in razor geometry can profoundly impact your shaving experience. DOVO's goal was simple yet ambitious: to deliver the most profoundly satisfying shaving experience imaginable. And they have succeeded.

Unlock meditative bliss with Primo – as part of your everyday shaving ritual.

DOVO Primo: Elevating Everyday Moments

Primo aims to turn mundane routines into moments of pure joy. Shaving, often seen as a tedious chore, becomes a ritual of tranquility and pleasure – a serene start to each day.

DOVO Primo is the epitome of transforming your daily shave from a chore to a pleasure.

A closer, smoother shave

The Primo was designed to offer a slightly closer shave than competitors' razors such as Muhle, Merkur, and Timor, without the aggressive edge of a closer shaving razor such as the Muhle Rocca.

Over 2,000 test samples were meticulously crafted to find the perfect head geometry, ensuring optimal performance.

Today, every aspect of Primo, from manufacturing to electroplating, is meticulously carried out in Solingen, Germany, to uphold their commitment to quality and precision.


In conclusion, Primo represents not just a razor, but a revolution in wet shaving – a culmination of decades of expertise, devotion, and passion, crafted to elevate your daily grooming routine to an art form.

Checkout the Dovo Primo I razor and the Dovo Primo II razors to take your shaving routine to the next level.

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