Morgan’s Hair Products - Oh Yes!

Morgan’s Hair Products - Oh Yes!

I have been using Morgan’s hair products for around 10-years, I love their simple packaging, their story and how well their products perform.

Morgan’s were founded in London in 1873 and are known worldwide for their extensive range of hair care and hair styling products, with their quality having won numerous awards over the years.

Morgan's Extra Firm Hold Hair Styling Pomade 100g jar

Extra Firm Hold - My Go To

My go-to is their ‘Extra Firm Hold Hair Styling Pomade’ which comes in a retro, vintage looking, amber coloured glass jar. This pomade delivers a slick look with long lasting hold and precision. Sadly, these days my previously thick, dark brown barnet is now silvery grey and very thin on top. No matter, what little I’ve got left I’m keeping, and it needs tamed otherwise my hair would look like a burst cushion!

How Best To Use

Taming a wayward barnet is easy with Morgan’s Extra Firm Pomade, all you need to do is apply after showering, leave the hair slightly damp, rub a little of the pomade onto the palms of your hands and apply to your hair styling as you go using your fingers. Alternatively, you may want to apply the pomade then brush it through your hair to achieve the desired look.

The golden rule for pomade is ‘don’t use too much product’, apply a small amount and if you haven’t applied enough, it's easy to fix but it’s not an easy fix when you apply too much and you end up with a greasy mess. Unfortunately, the only way to fix that undesirable look is to wash your hair and start again.

Morgan's Low Shine Firm Hold Hair Styling Pomade 100g jar

Gorgeous Brazilian Orange

Although Extra Firm Hold Pomade works best for me, I have experimented with Morgan’s Low Shine Firm Hold Hair Styling Pomade scented with a gorgeous Brazilian Orange fragrance. This is also a highly effective styling pomade with lots of hold to maintain your hairstyle.

No matter how thick or thin your hair is or how long of short it is Morgan's will have a styling product that will meet your requirements. Heck, they even offer a hair darkening pomade that gradually darkens grey hair!

No Excuses

There’s no excuse for having unkempt and untidy hair when you shop Morgan’s to make you look your very best. Choose from an extensive range that includes shampoo, conditioner, hair oil, styling putty, gel, wax, cooling scalp treatments and combs and brushes. If you need it they also have array of hair darkening products, to chase away those greys.

A well-groomed man stands out from the crowd and that means a smart haircut and a hairstyle that stays in place all day.

Written by Brian Mulreany, April 2024.

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