Executive Shaving Cedarwood & Citrus Hair and Body Wash - A Review

Executive Shaving Cedarwood & Citrus Hair and Body Wash - A Review

As part of the development of our latest fragrance, Cedarwood & Citrus, I asked our manufacturer if they could make a high-quality hair & body wash as part of the range. I was fed up buying cheap gels that dried my skin out, made it itchy and didn’t smell particularly nice.

executive shaving cedarwood & citrus hair and body was features and benefits

A First for Executive Shaving

After some initial testing the results were outstanding, our very own hair and body wash. Paraben free and packed with key ingredients such as Oat Extract and Aloe Vera to soothe and moisturise the skin; it also contains Betaine which helps to improve hair strength and protect the scalp. All presented in a fully recyclable bottle.

When you first open the bottle, you notice the magnificent scent, it’s light and woody with top notes of citrus featuring sweet orange. The next thing you will notice is the consistency which isn’t too thick like some I have previously used, instead it’s a rich liquid which is easily released from the container.

A Great Size and a Good All-Rounder

At 500ml in size this premium hair and body wash lasts for ages, it looks good in the bathroom and it’s a good size for holding in the hand, this along with the textured label, means you won't drop this container even when your hands are wet. Although aimed at the male market, Cedarwood & Citrus Hair and Body wash is much loved by my wife, I would class this as a unisex product.

Cedarwood & Citrus Hair and body wash is an all-round gel expertly formulated for face, body and hair. Reduce bathroom clutter, this is all you need to deep clean your entire body. Now you can get rid of your shampoo, face cleanser and soap bar. It is also ideal for taking down to the gym, why take two bottles, when you can take one.

hair and body wash lathering up in the shower

Skin Friendly

Cedarwood & Citrus Hair and body wash contains no alcohol, no harmful chemicals and is not tested on animals, pleasingly, the container, lid and label are 100% recyclable.

The ingredients include Aloe Vera and Oat Extract both of which are known to be skin-friendly, these two ingredients will moisturise and soothe your skin and help to reduce visible signs of ageing.

In Comparison

Recently, I picked up a 400ml Old Spice Deep Sea with Ocean Breeze, Body-Hair-Face wash, during our weekly shop for £5.00, it left my skin feeling very itchy and dry while the overly sweet scent reminded me of vanilla extract that’s used in baking, not a pleasant experience at all.

One great feature of Cedarwood & Citrus Hair and body wash is how rich and luxurious the lather is when applied to the skin and hair, only the very best hair and body washes can achieve this, and even better than my previous go to which was Scottish Fine Soaps Thistle & Black Pepper.

Cedarwood & Citrus Hair and body wash is part of a set that includes a matching shaving cream, aftershave splash and aftershave balm. All your grooming needs available in the same stimulating and pleasant scent.

In Summary

Cedarwood & Citrus Hair and body wash does everything you want from a body, face and hair wash, it gently deep cleans leaving your skin feeling soft and supple while the scent will bring a smile to your face, it’s the only way to kick-start your day!

Why not treat yourself to a bottle to see if you agree with me.


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