Munro Eau de Parfum: A Fragrance for Everyone

Munro Eau de Parfum: A Fragrance for Everyone

Munro eau de parfum side shot

My usual go to fragrances; Executive Shaving’s Lomond and Rannoch eau de parfum, and occasionally Gravitas by Naughton & Wilson, have all been created by noted Glasgow perfumer Matt Wilson.

Along with these stunning fragrances, Matt has also created another eau de parfum exclusively for Executive Shaving, Munro Eau de Parfum.

Munro seems too often to be overlooked, it feels as though it exists in the shadow of Lomond and Rannoch. I recently stumbled upon a bottle of Munro my bedside table drawer and decided to get to know it again.

Long Term Development

It was back in 2020 when I asked Matt to come up with a new fragrance. His brief was to conjure up a fragrance that was young at heart yet would appeal to men and women of all ages. I remember wanting a fragrance that was lighter on the nose compared to Lomond and Gravitas (Rannoch wasn’t on the scene at this time) but with the same immediate impact and longevity that Lomond and Gravitas are famed for.

munro fragrance pyramid

As ever, the development process took many months, almost a year if memory serves me right. I had many sample testing meetings with Matt, heavy base notes from perfume oils were sampled along with lighter notes to find a blend we thought would work.

These samples were tested in the office, and we also asked family and friends their opinion. My daughters don’t hold back, and they provided honest feedback so too did the delivery men who visited the office!

Eventually, after a lengthy testing and review process, the final blend for Munro was ready to be sent off for safety testing and certification.

Why Munro?

The name Munro was a late decision, a Munro is a Scottish mountain with an elevation of more than 914 metres, the most famous being Ben Nevis and Schiehallion, these Munro’s are stunningly beautiful and often snow topped even during summer.
With Executive Shaving being a Scottish company and Matt a Scottish perfumer, we opted for Munro as I felt it is a word closely associated with Scotland.

What to Expect from Munro

I feel that Munro encapsulates the very essence of Scotland’s Mountain landscapes.
Base notes of sandalwood and ambergris combine with middle notes of violet leaf and top notes of iris and lemon verbena for a well-balanced and elegant fragrance.

munro eau de parfum customer review


The highly influential Fragrantica website rates Munro as being ’great value, long lasting and best for men’. Kris Munro the respected perfume reviewer describes Munro as being ‘perfect for summer’, Kris mentions the scent being ‘nice and light starting off with light wood and rounding off with lemon hints’. Pleasingly Kris mentions the Munro was ‘good for the majority of the day’ and he would buy again and recommend to others. He gave Munro five stars for Aroma and Presentation.

Munro Eau de Parfum comes presented in a handsome, weighty, 100ml glass bottle with wooden lid and a branded outer box. Considering the quality of Munro it’s remarkably well priced. In terms of quality, I place it alongside Tom Ford Noir, Jimmy Choo Urban Hero and Montblanc Explorer.

Munro eau de Parfum is also available in a 10ml size bottle which is ideal for travel and keeping in your pocket.

Discover Munro for yourself.


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