A Celebration of Grooming Excellence: Executive Shaving's Cedarwood & Citrus Range

A Celebration of Grooming Excellence: Executive Shaving's Cedarwood & Citrus Range

Friends, today we are proud and excited to celebrate a remarkable achievement in our ongoing quest to perfect your grooming experience - the introduction of our Cedarwood & Citrus range. It is more than just a product; it’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to you, our community of shaving enthusiasts.


A Labour of Love

Executive Shaving's Cedarwood & Citrus range embodies the tireless dedication of our team. It's a labour of love, started two years ago by our previous owner Brian and continued by our amazing new team of shaving experts, passionately created to ensure that each shave transforms from a chore to a pleasure. Each product in this range is a masterpiece that showcases the expertise and passion that makes Executive Shaving a trusted name in the industry.


A Symphony of Natural Ingredients

Our Cedarwood & Citrus shaving cream is highly concentrated, bursting with all-natural ingredients. Each application delivers a generous dose of nourishment to your skin, ensuring a shave as beneficial as it is enjoyable. Designed with all skin types in mind, the gentle formula adds a calming softness, making it the best companion for even the most sensitive skins.


An Olfactory Journey

Begin your sensorial journey with the crisp notes of Violet Leaf, combined harmoniously with the thrilling zest of Bergamot and vibrant Mandarin. This is only the tantalizing opening chapter.

As you dive deeper, your senses are treated to the allure of the heart notes - the romanticism of Neroli, intertwined elegantly with the classic grace of Rose and the exotic sweetness of Jasmine. Truly a symphony to delight the most discerning fragrance connoisseurs.

Immersive final notes of earthy Vetiver, robust Cedar, the entrancing warmth of Sandalwood, and the mysterious glow of Amber seamlessly anchor the experience, delivering a distinctive and lasting impression. This is the final, captivating twist in your fragrant narrative.


Join us on Our Journey

At Executive Shaving, we're driven by a mission to make shaving a pleasure rather than a chore. Our Cedarwood & Citrus range embodies this mission. We invite fellow enthusiasts, like you, to join us on this journey towards redefining the grooming experience. Your comments, ideas, and experiences help us cultivate an environment where everyone has a say in shaping the future of executive grooming.

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