A Golden Innovation for Book Lovers Day: The Limited Edition Valynor Safety Razor from Goodfellas Smile

A Golden Innovation for Book Lovers Day: The Limited Edition Valynor Safety Razor from Goodfellas Smile

On this Book Lovers Day, let's dive into a tale where craftsmanship meets fantasy. Not in a book, but in the form of an exquisite product borne out of skilled Italian design - "The Goodfellas Smile Limited Edition Valynor Safety Razor."

The plot twist? One (and only one) lucky customer will strike literary gold - literally. Alongside the razor, an 18 Karat pure, solid gold 'Valynor Ring' awaits, weighing 5 grams. The inscription "00/01 Valynor Ring - The Goodfellas' Smile" serves as proof of its exclusive nature. This package also includes a certificate of authenticity and warranty for the ring and its materials.

Intrigue builds as the package containing the ring will look no different from the others, ensuring a secure and transparent purchase experience. Each Valynor razor package is sealed with tamper-evident tape, adding yet another layer of suspense.

The lucky discoverer of the ring will write to valynoring@thegoodfellasmile.it to get it officially authenticated. The grand revelation will be published on the official channels of United Barbers Srl and the store that sold this golden treasure.

Now, let's flip the page to the protagonist of this tale - The Valynor Razor. Crafted entirely in Italy, limited to just 1000 razors, this product blends elegance, quality, and whimsical fantasy in its design. With a silver anodised aluminium handle and machine-polished, uncoated brass head and base, the Valynor razor is an ode to Italian craftsmanship. Mark your calendars, as this marvel will be available in stores from Friday, September 29, 2023.

As in any good narrative, the true magic unveils when you least expect it. And with the Valynor razor, it's during the shave. Composed of four separable parts (base, handle, plate, and cap), it offers a delicate yet effective shaving experience, thanks to its neutral gap of 0.8 mm. Details, such as a flat head ideal for the mustache area, rounded corners on the plate, wide grooves for optimal hair expulsion, and a cap that hides the blade edges, all come together to create an unrivaled shaving experience.

However, as with any treasure, care is needed. Over time, the brass parts might become tarnished. Please take care to clean them periodically with brass-specific products to preserve their beauty.

This Book Lovers Day, celebrate your love for rare finds, intricate details, and captivating narratives with the Goodfellas Smile Limited Edition Valynor Safety Razor. Who knows, you might just find a golden surprise along the way. Happy reading and happy shaving!

Please note: All product measurements given are in millimeters.

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