Fitjar Islands, Expert Soap Craftsmen and Fragrance Creators

Fitjar Islands, Expert Soap Craftsmen and Fragrance Creators

Tucked away amidst an archipelago of hundreds of wind-swept isles in the crystal clear fjords of western Norway, you'll find the Fitjar Islands Studio, a specialist in handcrafted soaps and scent creation. This buzz of action found in such a distant spot may surprise you!

These islands, shaped by the progression of time and the rough Nordic weather, are largely desolate and secluded. Their flora is free-spirited, scanty, and poetically wild. The raw natural beauty here is captivating. The crisp, icy wind breathes tinted scents into the ever-varying landscape from one moment to the next. On a calm winter morning, the air carries the frosty scent of the neighbouring glacier, punctuated with nuances from the fresh spruce and juniper bushes dispersed across the islands. Come spring, the lilac-blossomed heather complements the mix with its softly sweet undertones.

The Fitjar Islands provide a perfect backdrop for inspiration, leading to products that epitomize the simplistic, rugged, and pure attributes of the Scandinavian lifestyle.

Crafted in Fitjar Islands – Authentic as Ever

Established on time-honoured soap-making techniques alongside an extraordinary commitment to high-quality craftsmanship, Fitjar Islands' production rites the art and charm of small-batch manufacturing. The charm is found in every artisan's quirky detail.

The soap-making ethos is alive at the Fitjar Studio, where conscientious crafting and stringent quality checks are the norm for each batch. Every Fitjar Islands product can be traced back to a specific location and craftsman, offering our customers a clear understanding of the product's origin and making.

Simply Modern, and Nature's Best

Fitjar Island prioritises only top-grade, gentle ingredients ensuring utmost safety and top-tier product performance. Their product compositions are free from SLS/SLES, parabens, mineral oils, synthetic fragrances, or artificial colourants, making them perfect for sensitive skin types. Their mostly vegan range is never tested on animals.

An Olfactory Journey Through Island Life

Primarily composed of botanical ingredients, Fitjar Islands’ fragrance palette mirrors the untamed beauty of Norwegian nature.

Their fragrances vary from the subtle scent of our neutrally composed line to the profound notes of a wood-inspired blend. Suitable for both males and females, each fragrance is represented across our entire product range to recreate a distinct Nordic experience. We offer a modern range for you to carry the spirit of the islands wherever your journey takes you.

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