Shaving Open Pathways to Economic Equality with Executive Shaving and the Real Living Wage

Shaving Open Pathways to Economic Equality with Executive Shaving and the Real Living Wage

We're all accustomed to hearing 'Living Wage' being tossed around in financial discussions, and more often than not, it's perceived as a symbol of income fairness. But did you know it specifically relates to the 'real Living Wage'? The Living Wage Foundation has coined this term, which is a unique wage rate in the UK, firmly grounded in reality—in the actual cost of, well, living.


The Real Living Wage: Fairness You Can Feel

'Living Wage' isn't just a fancy term—it's a promise of a good living standard. It's thoughtfully calculated based on what employees and their families need to live decently. This calculation covers everything, from groceries and rent to unexpected bummers like a sudden trip to the dentist. It’s not just a number—it's a commitment to ensuring that an employee's hard-earned wage can cover reality-based costs comfortably.


A Groundswell of Support: Businesses Pitching In

Impressively, more than 13,000 UK businesses have adopted the real Living Wage policy. This includes everyone—from large multinational companies and industry leaders to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Even some big names you'll recognize, like Nationwide, Google, LUSH, Everton FC, and Chelsea FC, are stepping up their game by joining the Living Wage movement. Their voluntary participation conveys their commitment to making sure their employees can live a good life.


At Executive Shaving: We're All About Fair Pay

As one of Europe's largest online independent shaving and grooming suppliers, we at Executive Shaving are delighted to be part of this life-affirming wage movement. We know that a fair wage goes a long way in maintaining a motivated, dedicated, and upbeat workforce.

Keeping our philosophy of integrity, customer satisfaction, and quality excellence in mind, we’re committed to adopting the new rates that will be announced for 2023-24 on the 24th of October 2023. This solidifies our commitment to not only providing top-notch products but also upholding top-tier values—like genuinely caring for our employees.


The Living Wage: It's About More Than Just Money

The real Living Wage's impact is tangible—it's resulted in a hearty pay rise for over 400,000 employees—a testament to this wage movement's reach and effect. The rejuvenating effects of the Living Wage extends well beyond politics, creating an even playing field for employees across all domains, and fostering a wide-ranging, cross-supported movement.

As the campaign gains momentum and more companies join, the ripple effect on the country's economic and social fabric is beyond impressive. The Living Wage's influence reaches even consumers who actively prefer brands that practice ethical labour norms. Companies like ours, with our eye on fair pay, are gradually yet steadily reshaping the narrative on corporate responsibility.

By harmonizing economic growth with social fairness, the forward-thinking vision of the real Living Wage is stirring up an economic future that’s teeming with positivity—a future where everyone contributes and benefits wholeheartedly.


This blog post draws inspiration from What is the Real Living Wage? from the Living Wage Foundation. Do swing by their website for more details!

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