My Executive Shaving Experience

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My Executive Shaving Experience

My Executive Shaving Experience

We do a lot of talking at Executive Shaving, whether it is helping those new to wet shaving start off on the right foot, or helping more experienced shavers with the latest technology from America, or the finest shaving creams from Italy.

In this page we don’t talk, we let our customers talk instead. Here you can read reviews customers have given us on accredited website Trustpilot or sent to us directly. Every review is genuine and we always encourage all of our customers to tell us how they feel about the service they received from us here at Executive Shaving. The only way we can improve is by acting on your feedback.

TrustPilot Review - Anthony

                Genesis Razor

David – The Elvis razor: diveace in the Valley

Some of the product reviews left by our customers make us smile. In his review of the OneBlade Genesis, David was so impressed by this razor he was inspired to quote Elvis:
"Well I've searched and I've searched but I’ll never find........... “ sang Elvis.
I wouldn't say I have found the "one", because that is not my aspiration, rather this razor fulfils the need for a high-quality product that provides as good a shave as you can get, and suits my need to shave quickly on a weekday… … Elvis might indeed say: "How Great thou Art"!

You can read David’s review in full on the Genesis here .

TrustPilot Review - Tonino

TrustPilot Review - Ivan

Timor safety

Robert – Hindsight is a wonderful thing

Many of our customers have some trepidation in making the change to DE shaving. Robert is one example:
“Hindsight, they say, is a wonderful thing. Been thinking on going to DE shaving for years but having very sensitive skin, even in my 50's, I could always find an excuse to avoid what I mistakenly thought would be shaving that resembled a battle in The Somme.”

Read how he got on with his new razor here .

TrustPilot Review - Chris

                Shaving Pre Shave

J Lewis – Not For Girls.

Whilst most of our customers are male, we do find out that our products appeal to the female sex too. Mr Lewis soon discovered this:
Have been using this for a while now, probably the best pre shave product I have used smells great too. Good on the skin and provides a good shave the only issue I have with is product is that I am unable to stop my wife from using it, much to my annoyance. I have had to label it NOT FOR GIRLS but this failed.

TrustPilot Review - Guest

TrustPilot Review - Kathryn

Acqua di

Steven – No Old Man smell here

Getting the right smell can be very important for those family men. Here Steven’s daughter approved of his latest aftershave:
I have lusted after this scent for a long time and after getting some vouchers for my birthday what else would I spend it on. The scent is beautiful and can be worn at any time of the day, the most important thing is my daughter approves and does not leave me smelling like an "Old Man"...Scent last for hours too. Very happy I went for this

TrustPilot Review - Alex


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