The Rockwell 6S Multi Plate Safety Razor

The Rockwell 6S Multi Plate Safety Razor

So what’s the big deal about this new safety razor?

Why do we have waiting list for the Rockwell 6S?

Well, the Rockwell 6S is no ordinary safety razor, far from it.
The 6S comes with three reversible base plates that offer 6 different shave experiences ranging from aggressive to light; you choose the shave that suits your level of experience, beard and skin. If you have a tough beard and you haven’t shaved for a few days the number 6 plate is for you, if you shave daily and have light beard growth then the 1 or 2 plates will be the ones for you.

Techies will be pleased to learn that the difference between the aggressiveness of the plates is down to the blade gap between the safety bar and the top cap. On plate 1 the gap is 0.38mm, on plate 6 the gap is 1.12mm. The larger the gap, the more blade is exposed and the more blade that is exposed the closer the shave you’ll get.

The top plate, base plates and handle are made from solid stainless steel which adds heft and great durability to the 6S experience. Stainless steel will not rust and with no plating to peel off this is a razor for a lifetime’s daily use.

The USA made S6 benefits from a finely knurled, non-slip handle.

Demand for the 6S is very high indeed, we wanted 100 but only received 24 with a promise of more to come. Executive Shaving is the only European retailer selling this razor. If you miss out on one this time, don’t worry, fire an email off to us with your name and we’ll make sure you get first refusal on the next batch we get.

Match up your Rockwell 6S with a Rockwell Stainless Steel Razor Stand; it has the same matte finish as the razor. Or get the Rockwell 6S and Stainless Steel Razor Stand together.

You may decide to keep your money in your pocket meantime as the Rockwell Model T Adjustable which bears a close resemblance to the vintage Gillette Slim is due out sometime in late 2016 / early 2017, right now it’s only available as a Kickstarter meaning there may be glitches still to be ironed out.

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