Ladies Let's Talk... About Our New Feature!

Ladies Let's Talk... About Our New Feature!

Before I started working at The Executive Shaving Company, I didn’t know too much about safety razors, except that my dad has one and it looks scarier than my pink, disposable Venus that sits in the shower.

Only a few weeks into working here I really started to question why on earth I didn’t know more about safety razors to begin with. There are so many benefits to using a safety razor – it’s economically and environmentally friendly for a start!

I started to wonder how many other women are missing out just because we don’t think of safety razors as an option – or maybe we haven’t even heard of them.

So, I decided I’m going to start using one, and I’m going to share my experience with you.

I am by no means a pro and will be using one for the very first time. So, I will be experiencing the same nerves of “what if I butcher myself!?”, “open blade sounds scary to share that” and “I’m not used to this” but hopefully by sharing my experience it will show you how accessible using a safety razor really is.

Over the upcoming weeks I will be sharing blog posts and videos where I go into more details on the benefits, how to get started, and how I get on with my first shave. If you are curious, unsure, or just need a laugh at this safety razor novice, then keep an eye out for the “Ladies Let’s Talk” features!

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