Ladies Let's Talk... About My First Shave!

Ladies Let's Talk... About My First Shave!

Following on from my first episode I decided just to go for it and have my first shave using a safety razor! It is definitely a different experience, there’s no doubt about that, but I am happy with results and actually enjoyed the experience.

There are a few different reasons I decided to move to a safety razor, my next blog will go into this more, but one of the main reasons I decided to switch is because it’s much kinder to your skin. I shave my legs regularly and constantly had itchy skin, razor burn and ingrown hairs. With a safety razor this is far, far easier to control. 

There are a few main differences when using a safety razor. You need to get a good shaving cream/soap and create a good lather, you shave with the grain of your hair (in other words – the direction the hair grows in) and you should only do 2 or a maximum of 3 passes per area. So to break it down your routine should be;

Clean the area being shaved (soap and water)
Create a lather with your cream and then apply this to the skin
Shave with the grain of the hair (this is the opposite of what you are used to! I used to always shave my armpits downwards but now I will be going upwards)
Shave in short, strokes and only shave on lather
Rinse, and then repeat up to twice more if needed
Because you get a closer shave with less passes on the skin this will result in less irritation, rashes and burns!


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