Fragrance Free Shaving Products – Satisfying Demand

Fragrance Free Shaving Products – Satisfying Demand

Recent years has seen a significant demand from men and women looking for fragrance free, natural shaving creams and balms. Sales for the Muhle Vegan range, Baume.Be and Taylor’s Organic Shaving Cream are very buoyant and are increasing month on month.

Why? A significant percentage of people now want simple, natural products that come in recyclable packaging. Additionally, men are now more aware than ever that using a shaving cream or balm that contains perfume may be one of the reasons they experience post-shave irritation such as redness, itchiness and rashes.

Even our Original Shaving Cream (one of our top three selling shaving creams) contains perfume, so we challenged the firm that makes our own brand shaving creams and balms to come up with a shaving cream and matching aftershave balm that meets the following criteria:
1). Suitable for sensitive skin that’s prone to post-shave irritation
2). Perfume free
3). High performance
4). All-natural ingredients
5). Paraben and alcohol free
6). Not tested on animals
7). No artificial colourants
8). Competitively priced
9). Recyclable packaging

We had hoped to launch this new combo this summer but we’re now looking at an autumn launch, possibly mid-October, this is down to COVID-19. The manufacturer was shut for a long period and reopened with only a skeleton staff working. The good news is that the shaving cream and balm have passed all the necessary EU safety and stability tests, we now have the appropriate certifications. We’re now waiting on a manufacturing slot.

The test samples performed beyond expectations, the cream in keeping with our Citrus Kiss, Bay Rum, Natural and Fresh Mint shaving creams delivered a rich, creamy lather from a tiny amount of product while the balm was easy to apply and did a fine job in soothing and moisturising my skin.

Our Fragrance free shaving cream and balm will be a game changer for men and women who have sensitive skin, we can also tell you now that the prices will be in line with the rest of our range.

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