Klhip The World’s Best Nail Clippers

Klhip The World’s Best Nail Clippers

Premium Quality Nail Care from Klhip

Klhip made contact with us in June 2021 and told us they had invented the best nail clippers in the world, would we like to trial them with a view to stocking them.

The clippers and a nail file duly arrived and we were immediately impressed by the on-trend minimalist white and red cardboard packing. Inside a tube was a leather case that protects the clippers – ideal for home and travel. The nail file comes in a matching cardboard box.

Klhip Ultimate Ergonomical Stainless Steel Nail Clippers

The nail clippers are unlike any I have seen before, the first thing you notice when you pick them up is the matte finish and the obvious care and attention to detail, the design is futuristic and sleek. I'm not surprised that these clippers have won several design awards.

These clippers are engineered from surgical grade stainless steel while the handmade leather case adds a traditional touch to the 21st-century design of the clippers.

The clippers are made in Japan, a benchmark of quality and Made in Japan is stamped on the underside. Watch our video to see how the clippers operate.

No matter how good something looks and how good it feels in the hand, the acid test is how does the item perform. Well, after using them several times I can tell you that Klhip Nail Clippers perform exactly how you want £74.95 nail clippers to perform, accurately, with only minimal pressure applied, easy to use and these clippers trimmed my fingernails to perfection. They are very sharp indeed.

  • Improved ergonomics: The forward-facing lever applies pressure directly over the nail, giving you better control and a more comfortable grip.
  • Clean cut: Precision-engineered blades cut smoothly and accurately so there’s no need for filing and clippings stay on board.
  • Great action: Increased leverage makes for superior cutting action and effortless clipping. You’ll be willing your nails to grow faster.
  • Built to last: Durable surgical stainless steel (440C) and world-class manufacturing produce the world’s best and highest quality nail clipper.

Klhip Natural Stone Nail File

This rugged nail file is made from beautiful natural stone, carved from the Pyrenees Mountains in France. Each file has its own unique variations in pattern and tones.

With two levels of coarseness and a natural tan leather case for easy transport, the Klhip Nail File is the best nail file around – and the last you'll ever need.

This Nail File is the ultimate tool for tidying your nails on the move!

  • Natural performance: Pyrenees Mountain stone offers a superior feel and unparalleled performance.
  • Two textures: Smooth on one side, coarse on the other, the textured surfaces won't wear out. We've even used them to sharpen a pocket knife.
  • Easy care: Wash with soap and warm water from time to time to keep your Klhip Nail File in peak condition.
  • Built to last: Natural stone ensures a nail file that will last. Take care not to drop it on hard surfaces though – it is stone after all.

In summary

Expensive? Absolutely yes. However, I admit I got the clippers free, but I have since bought the nail file and I’m really impressed with both.

If like me, you’re happy to pay for quality and longevity then you should consider buying these.

They will be the only nail clippers and nail file you will ever need.

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