The Rockwell T2 Adjustable Safety Razor

The Rockwell T2 Adjustable Safety Razor

Eating Humble Pie, the Rockwell T2 Adjustable Safety Razor

When Rockwell launched the Model T1 Adjustable Safety Razor we had customers champing at the bit to get one. The excitement soon died down when razors were returned to us for a variety of reasons, doors not closing properly, doors when closed did not sit uniformly in position and one head assembly simply fell apart.

It was a costly exercise for us to refund customers with faulty razors and return stock to the USA. To be frank, I never understood the attraction of the Rockwell range, over the years we have had more quality issues with this brand than any other brand. However, they got in touch with me to say they had redesigned the Model T and to say they are now confident that the design and manufacturing glitches are fixed.

They kindly sent me three Model T2 razors, one of each finish, Gunmetal, White Chrome and Brushed Chrome. I gave Robert our E-Commerce Manager the White Chrome version; I took the Gunmetal version home with me, and the Brushed Chrome razor is destined for an Italian customer who had a faulty original.

The Model T2

The Model T2 is a truly adjustable safety razor, it has butterfly opening doors and six settings, but the user can select any variation between 1-6, the higher the setting the closer the shave will be.

I have now used the Model T2 five times, the first time I dialled into the number 2 setting and shaved twice, once with and against the grain. To say I was pleased is a massive understatement. Setting 2 delivered a nice, close shave and I was surprised how easy it was to shave under my nose – diagonally point the razor upwards at an angle of 45 degrees into the nostril for a perfect finish in that often-troublesome area. The razor feels weighty in the hand which I like and no matter how many times I have examined my razor, I cannot see any manufacturing flaws.

My Model T2 razor is flawlessly made, the Gunmetal finish adds a touch of modernness, it’s a cool finish. On shave number two, I dialled the setting up to number 3 but that felt too harsh on my skin so for pass number two I dialled down to setting 2 and this is my ‘sweet spot’, I can’t see myself ever wanting to dial beyond that setting.

So, from being ready to bin this brand, I ate some humble pie and ordered in stock of the Model T2!

The Model T2 Features

• Smooth and easy twist-to-open blade-loading.

• Fluidly adjustable shave settings to suit your skin type and facial hair length - just twist the dial for your perfect shave.

• Strengthened internal assembly making it the most durable and damage-resistant than any Rockwell razor.

• Perfectly weighted and balanced through unparalleled craftsmanship for intuitive handling and effortless glide.

• Eliminates the skin irritation and razor bumps caused by multi-blade cartridge systems.

• An aesthetically appealing, performance guaranteed, ultimate safety razor.

Technical Specifications and Price

Material Brass, stainless steel, chromed zinc alloy
Razor Weight 103 grams
Handle Length 89mm (3.5 inches)
Compatible Blades Any brand of double-edge razor blades
Available finish White Chrome, Gunmetal Chrome, Brushed Chrome
Adjustability Fluidly adjustable shave settings from R1 to R6
Price £132.50


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