Ladies Let's Talk... An Update!

Ladies Let's Talk... An Update!

It's been 8 months now - how am I getting on?

I’ve now been using a safety razor for six months and I’ll never look back!

It’s crazy to think how much the world of wet shaving has changed in the last six months. When I first picked up a safety razor it was the Muhle R106, since then Muhle has launched their first unisex safety razor! If you are set on getting a double edge safety razor, I would recommend going for the Muhle Companion and pairing it with Personna blades. The Companion is designed with protection in mind and is guaranteed to give you a gentle shave. If you are used to shaving with a safety razor and like me, you have quite thick hair you may want to try a slightly sharper blade such as Super Shave X.

Since switching to a safety razor, I have ditched almost constant razor burn and ingrown hairs on my armpits, I’ve ditched itchy legs and strawberry skin. Last month I used an old cartridge razor on a whim and regretted it for a week after - my skin was a mess, I was itchy and uncomfortable. I can’t believe the solution to all those issues has been this simple all along. It’s true that it takes a wee bit longer than shaving with a cartridge razor, but it is well worth the time and effort.

My personal favourite razor is the OneBlade Core, I use it every single time I shave now and my Muhle R106 has become somewhat redundant! It's a single edge safety razor and is far more like shaving with a cartridge razor. It also has a pivoting head similar to a lady’s cartridge razor so shaving round the ankle and knee is much easier than with a double edge safety razor. I found changing from a cartridge razor to the OneBlade far easier than the Muhle R106 as the shaving technique is much the same. The blades for the OneBlade are more expensive than double edge blades but personally I think it's worth it for the ease of shave and they are still a lot cheaper than cartridge.

I switched to the OneBlade Core in March, it comes with a pack of blades and since then I have bought a second pack. So, in 5 months I have spent £38.70. Prior to this I was spending £15-20 per month on cartridge razors so I can easily see the savings!

Considering how easy the switch to a safety razor has been, how much money I have saved and how much better my skin feels, I really can’t recommend safety razors more.


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