How to Dispose of Used Safety Razor Blades

How to Dispose of Used Safety Razor Blades

How to Safely Dispose of Used Safety Razor and Single Edge Razor Blades

These days, smart thinking people want to recycle as much metal as we possibly can, the planet has finite resources and every little helps. This includes used safety razor blades. From a health and safety aspect, it is only common sense and decency to dispose of used blades safely, refuse workers deserve protection from irresponsibly dumped razor blades.
There are a number of ways you can safely dispose of used safety razor blades. The most obvious solution is to buy a Blade Bank. We stock three, one by Feather who make Japanese high-precision razors, one by the German giants of the shaving world Muhle and the other by OneBlade of USA.

Feather Blade Bank

The Feather Blade Bank is not only safe to use, but it's also environmentally friendly too as the metal blades and case can both be recycled.

OneBlade Blade Bank

The OneBlade Blade Bank is small in size, it’s made from metal and inexpensive to buy. It will safely store up to 100 or so used double edge or single edge blades razor blades. When it’s full you dispose of the Blade Bank and its contents in a metal recycling bin. You can only use this Blade Bank once.

Miuhle Blade Bank

The Muhle Blade Bank is as you would expect from Muhle different altogether. Firstly, it’s made from porcelain, it’s much larger than the OneBlade blade bank and best of all, it can be used over and over again. The base has a rubber stopper, to empty the contents, flip the rubber base plate open with a coin or blunt knife, tip the used blades into a safe and secure metal recycling bin and put the stopper back in. The Muhle Blade bank even manages to look good in the bathroom, its simple, fuss-free design is very pleasing on the eye.

Rockwell Blade Bank

The Rockwell Blade Bank is a smart and eco-friendly solution for safely disposing of used razor blades. This innovative product allows you to store your used blades in a secure container that can hold up to 100 blades. Made of durable stainless steel, the Rockwell Blade Bank is designed to last a lifetime and can be easily recycled once it's full. With a sleek and compact design, it fits easily in your bathroom drawer or medicine cabinet. By using the Rockwell Blade Bank, you can not only keep your razor blades out of harm's way but also help reduce waste and protect the environment.


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