How to Take Care of a Quality Leather Wash Bag

How to Take Care of a Quality Leather Wash Bag

How to Take Care of a Quality Leather Wash Bag

Here at Executive Shaving, we believe in using high-quality products, and we have partnered with Aspinal of London to bring you their top tips in taking care of a leather wash bag, like those available in their toiletries bag range.

Leather goods should be enjoyed for a lifetime, and whilst a wash bag may see more wear and tear than other accessories, it’s important to care for them properly to ensure their appearance and durability is upheld.

Looking after leather goods starts with good daily care, follow these simple steps and you could extend the life of your wash bag for years:

  • Avoid overfilling your washbag to maintain its original shape, as leather is a skin and can stretch
  • Wipe away any spots or dirt with a soft cloth or brush
  • Avoid contact with anything sharp, like razors or electronics
  • Remember to air your leather goods out occasionally to remove any unwanted smells and scents
  • Dry out the washbag regularly, avoiding radiators and hair dryers. Try and dry it naturally, away from artificial heat
  • Keep the leather supple with a specialised leather conditioner every 3-6 months and spot test them in a hidden spot beforehand

Aspinal of London chooses to work with leather for its wash bags due to its robust yet luxurious qualities which simply cannot be bettered. Such material requires a little nurturing and, if you keep our guide in mind, your leather will last a lifetime.

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