Menthol Shaving Products That Cool The Skin

Menthol Shaving Products That Cool The Skin

We launched our Fuar Ach Snog range in December 2018. The range consists of shaving cream, aftershave balm and pre-shave oil. Since December, sales for Fuar Ach Snog products have been extremely buoyant, in fact, the shaving cream is already our top selling cream in 2019.
Fuar Ach Snog, what’s that name all about? Fuar Ach Snog is Scottish Gaelic for ‘cold but nice’ being based in Scotland we wanted a Scottish name that stood out from the crowd.

When the shaving cream was at the development stage, we were regularly being sent samples by the cosmetic chemist we use, each time I would ask him to boost the menthol, eventually, I noticed that the performance of the cream was being affected, it no longer delivered the rich, protective lather it previously did. So, a compromise was found that delivers the cool skin sensation men crave with the protection and razor glide that’s needed for a close yet comfortable shave.

The aftershave balm too was difficult to get right, too much menthol and spreadability is affected, not sufficient menthol and you miss out on the cooling factor.
In both cases, reducing the menthol content and replacing that with peppermint oil was the deciding factor in getting the quality we need.

The pre-shave oil was made by the trusted soap maker who makes our top selling lime & patchouli pre-shave. In fact, although we call these products oils, they are in fact highly concentrated liquid soaps with added secret ingredients that soften tough beard bristles.

Menthol doesn’t actually change the temperature of the skin, instead, it tricks the body receptor structures in the skin into feeling cold. This skin cooling feeling is especially nice in warm weather months and for that reason, menthol and peppermint shaving products are more popular from May to September. Personally, I love a menthol-based shave no matter how cold it is outside.

For those who enjoy a menthol shave try our Fuar Ach Snog combination of pre-shave and shaving cream, then apply Fine Snake Bite Aftershave from the USA. Let the aftershave settle on the skin for 10 minutes then apply Fuar Ach Snog aftershave balm. Snake Bite is the most menthol based shaving product I have ever used; it makes my eyes water but it does feel sensationally cool on freshly shaved skin.

Fuar Ach Snog products are free of alcohol and parabens and they were not tested on animals. All of the packagings can be recycled. The density of Fuar Ach Snog shaving cream means you can expect around 6 months daily use from the large size, 2300ml jar.

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