HeadBlade, Head & Body Shaving Made Easy

HeadBlade, Head & Body Shaving Made Easy

Head and body shavers - good news!

We have sold HeadBlade products for around 14 years, in 2018 supplies started to dry up, our supplier was finding it difficult to supply us with the products our customers wanted. We eventually managed to email the USA based CEO of HeadBlade and we are now the official UK distributors for this fine range.
The first HeadBlade was launched in 1997 by the founding and current CEO, Todd Greene and it was an immediate hit winning design awards and securing big sales numbers. Today, more than 15,000 retail store stock HeadBlade.
HeadBlade razors are easy to use, functional and aesthetically pleasing as well as being good value for money, they are compatible with HeadBlade replacement blades and also Gillette type cartridge blades.
A HeadBlade razor has a single function; to make head shaving easy and it is based on very simple design principals;

  • The user had to be able to shave by feel (meaning the razor has to sit close to the head and the user must have finger contact when shaving).
  • The razor needed two contact points to create a 'suspension' allowing the blade to automatically pivot.
  • The razor had to be compatible with current cartridge blades sold in supermarkets (as many users have a blade preference).

The top-selling Moto range of razors benefit from a unique design that allows the razor blade to pivot up and down following the contours of your scalp while the body can lean side to side, these functions deliver close yet very comfortable shaves. The Moto is so easy to use, slip your finger into the little raised ring, place the razor on your scalp and shave in the direction your hair grows in. For the closest shave possible, shave a second time but this time, shave in the opposite direction to which your hair grows.

Body Shaving

You can use a HeadBlade razor to shave body hair, the same principles apply, you can even use HeadBlade on your face!

How long do HeadBlade Blades last?

The HB4 and HB6 blades should last 6-10 shaves per blade but this depends on your hair type/thickness and length.

Do I have to use HeadBlade shaving cream?

No. However the HeadSlick shaving cream is highly rated, it's ultra-slick and it has a pleasant minty scent.

You can browse the complete Headblade range of head shavers, shaving creams, moistuisers and sunscreen on our HeadBlade brand page.

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