Lisboa and Bloodaxe Eau De Parfum

Lisboa and Bloodaxe Eau De Parfum

I took a ‘phone call three weeks ago, normally sales-type inbound calls get a quick ‘thanks but no thanks’ but this one was different.

The caller told me his name was Matt Wilson, his company is called Pocket Scents and that he is a Glasgow based perfumer who produced a range of high-quality men’s fragrances.
I was intrigued, I wasn’t even aware that there was a Glasgow based perfumer called Pocket Scents. I invited Matt to visit our office and told him to bring a few samples.

Matt is a busy man and so am I but we agreed a date and time and Matt duly arrived a week later with various Eau de Parfum samples.
Matt’s scents are not the usual dreary sandalwood, lime, patchouli and oud based ones that dominate the men’s market, Matt’s are more complex and interesting with distinct top and base notes that tease the senses. The ones that I liked the most were Lisboa and Bloodaxe

We discussed how we could market Matt’s products as this is a saturated market headed by multinational firms such as Hugo Boss, Armani, Gucci and then the likes of Trumper, Taylor of Old Bond Street and Castle Forbes. I firmly believe that there is space for high-quality, niche products that are made in Scotland and a marketing plan was duly agreed.

Imperious opens with deliciously smooth Pineapple, ripe Apple with a hint of zesty Bergamot to add some zing. Warming notes of dry Birch Wood add depth and a light smokiness, with Jasmine and Rose bringing a subtle but delightful floral nuance. Creamy Vanilla and rich Oak Moss combine seamlessly to deliver a richly satisfying and long-lasting dry down that envelopes and delights. The scent is very reminiscent of Creed Aventus.

I knew right away that Imperious was something we had to stock, we got some financials agreed in record time and I made an order there and then for Lisboa and Bloodaxe, in 2020 we will stock some of Matt’s other Eau de Pafrum such as Scottish Mountain Water, Oud Wood and Essence of Eire.

Pocket Scent Prices

Bloodaxe, 50ml: £34.99

Lisboa, 50ml: £34.99

If you’re fed up with the over-priced, over-hyped men’s colognes, Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum you’ve got to try Lisboa and Bloodaxe.

If you want value for money you’ve got to try Lisboa and Bloodaxe.

If you want to smell sophisticated and interesting you’ve got to try Lisboa and Bloodaxe.

They really are that good.

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