Eucris Skin Food by Geo. F. Trumper

Eucris Skin Food by Geo. F. Trumper

Geo F Trumper of London has at long last, launched a Eucris Skin Food. This launch is  long overdue, they currently offer Skin Food in four different scents Spanish Leather, Limes, Sandalwood and Coral. The omission of Eucris was always a mystery to me.

Eucris is a scent Trumper's have been famous for many decades, indeed Eucris features in the 1963 James Bond novel On Her Majesty's Secret Service, it seems our hero James was a huge fan of this scent as a Eucris shaving soap appears in the movie Skyfall.

Skin Food is a wet shaving essential, it is so versatile, every wet shaving enthusiast should own a Skin Food, here are some examples of how it can be used:

  • It's rich in glycerine so apply to the bristles before shaving to soften them and lift them off the skin leading to a close yet comfortable shave.
  • Add a few drops into your shaving lather, this will boost razor glide.
  • Use after shaving as a light, non-greasy aftershave balm.
  • Use twice daily as a moisturiser to keep your skin supple and healthy.
Eucris is no ordinary scent, it is a warm, sensual fragrance that comes from a blend of sandalwood, musk, jasmine, muguet, cumin, coriander and blackcurrant.
Eucris Skin Food is available in three sizes, check the prices, it makes complete sense to buy the 200ml or 500ml compared to the 100ml although 100ml is a good size for travel.

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