A Gentle Exfoliating Face & Body Soap

A Gentle Exfoliating Face & Body Soap

Q: I have dry itchy skin on my face and shoulders, shower gels seem to make my problem worse, what soap would be suitable for me?
A: Avoid proprietary shower gels, they tend to include synthetic scents which can irritate skin.  
I would recommend you try out our brand new, Face & Body Soap. This soap contains Scots oats which will gently exfoliate your skin removing the dead skin cells. The oats will also rejuvenate and soothe dry skin. Additionally, the soap  contains coconut oil and she butter, both are known to moisturise and enrich the skin.

When we approached the soap maker we had a specific wish list which included:
The soap must be fragrance free
The soap must be free of nasty chemicals including parabens, SLS and preservatives
The soap must be free of artificial colouring agents

You'll be glad to know the soap maker met our requirements, The Executive Shaving Exfoliating Face & Body Soap is as natural as a soap can be.
The water used in the manufacturing process is pure Scottish water and everyone knows how pure Scottish water is, that's why it's used for Scotch Whisky!

If you suffer from skin aliments including eczema, itchiness, redness and dermatitis try this soap.

How to use:
Use in the shower or bath as you would with any other type of hard soap.
As a face soap, use twice daily to promote healthy skin.
Prolong the life of your soap by letting it drain and dry on a soap dish.

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