10 Step Guide on How to Shave With A Double Edge Safety Razor

10 Step Guide on How to Shave With A Double Edge Safety Razor

Sales of Safety Razors are booming but how many guys are jumping in gung-ho without knowing how to shave properly with a safety razor, not enjoying the results and then, heaven forbid they go back to multi blade cartridge razors?

Here’s top ten tips on how to shave with a safety razor.

1. Don’t buy a cheap safety razor, look to spend around £30.00 plus. They’ll do you more harm than good, blade alignment is often poor and longevity will be an issue. We love Muhle and Merkur razors, they’re great value for money with prices starting from around £25.00.

Likewise with razor blades, don't go for the very cheapest, they’re cheap anyway, my favourites are Personna, priced only £3.50 for 10. I once tried Shark blades bought on eBay, they were £1.00 for 10, what a mistake that was. Buy cheap buy twice as they say!

2. Preparation, preparation, preparation.

Shave after showering when the bristles are soft and warm, this makes shaving easier. A pre shave oil, balm or soap is very useful but not 100% necessary. The Executive Shaving all-natural Pre Shave Oil will not only soften bristles and cleanse the skin it will also leave a residue of lubricating oil on the face to aid ‘razor glide’. This oil is soluble so it will not clog up your razor, it will not harm your brush and it leaves no oily residue in the sink.

3. Always use a sharp blade.

As soon as you feel a blade ‘tugging and pulling’ when you shave it’s time to change the blade. Most guys get 5 or 6 close, comfortable shaves from one blade. A sharp blade is considerably kinder to the skin than a blunt blade as a sharp blade will need less passes and less passes = less irritation.

4. Use a quality shaving cream or soap.

Avoid canned foams they simply are not up to the job. Read the ingredients list on a can of shaving foam, it’s amazing they’re allowed to sell that gunk. A quality shaving cream or soap lathered up with a shaving brush will provide a cushion for the razor blade to glide on during shaving. Our Executive Shaving Natural Shaving Cream is vegan and free of all harmful chemicals, additionally it’s packed with lubricants and it smells good enough to eat.

5. Take your time when shaving.

If you feel 10 minutes or so in the morning is time you don’t have, get up earlier. The satisfying male ritual of wet shaving should not be rushed.

6. Shave twice in the direction the hair grows in, this is known as shaving with the grain.

For a baby-butt smooth shave, do a third razor pass either against the grain or across the grain. Most guys bristles grow down on the face towards your belly but upwards towards your face on your neck and throat.

7. Use a light touch.

Never, press hard on your face with any kind of razor otherwise if you don’t cut yourself you will likely get razor burn, razor bump, ingrown hairs or all three. TIP: Tilt your face to the side, place your razor on your cheek, remember that feeling as that’s all the pressure needed to deliver a close shave.

8. When shaving, gently pull the skin to make it tight, this helps avoid you nicking your skin with the blade and allows the razor blade to get as close as possible to the bristles at skin level.

9. Shave in short strokes of 25-35mm at a time, this way you will constantly be adjusting the required 30 degrees shaving angle. Six inch long sweeps are fine with a cartridge blade that swivels with the contours of your face but a safety razor has a fixed head, it’s you who has to adjust the shaving angle not the razor.

10. A good post shave regime is every bit as important as good preparation.

After shaving, wash the face in warm water to get rid of all traces of shaving lather, then splash the face with cold water to close the pores. Finally, use a moisturiser or post shave balm to cool, soothe and moisturise the shaved area.

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