Shaving Properly - A Guide To Help You Shave Properly

Shaving Properly - A Guide To Help You Shave Properly

A good, clean, smooth, cut free shave will really set you up for the day. You will look and feel fantastic and ready to take on the challenges of the day.

At Executive Shaving we are dedicated to helping you improve your technique and shaving skills so that you will achieve a Baby Butt Smooth (BBS) shave that will last you through the day. We want you to enjoy shaving, it should not be a chore but instead, it should be time spent relaxing and preparing yourself for the day ahead.

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To shave properly use the tips below to ensure a smooth satisfying, BBS, shave. You can also watch our shaving video tutorial as well.

The Pre-Shave

Give yourself at least ten minutes before shaving, once you get out of bed in the morning.

Wash your face, or cleanse using an exfoliant, or facial scrub, to remove any dead skin and ensure that you have dampened your face with warm water, before starting to shave. A hot face cloth is ideal for this. Dampening the face has the effect of swelling the shafts of your facial hair, making it easier for the razor to give you a close shave.

We recommend that you use some form of Pre Shave Treatment to help prepare the hairs of your beard for shaving, adds an extra layer of protection to your face and helps ensure your razor glides smoothly across your face. Our Pre Shave Oil is highly effective.


The LatherLathering on Face

For best results use a shaving brush to create the best shaving lather, even if you use shaving gel, a good brush will help create a better lather. The brush also helps to exfoliate your skin and raise the hairs up off your skin, so the razor can cut them more easily, without any irritation.

Soak the brush warm water (never hot water) for about 10 to 20 seconds, and either place a small almond sized drop of shaving cream in the centre of the shaving brush, or work the brush into your shaving soap for a few seconds. Work up a thick lather, either in a shaving bowl or mug, or directly on your face. It should take about 15 seconds for the lather to start to form and a minute or so to create a good, thick, creamy lather with the consitency of yoghurt which is perfect for shaving.

Using your shaving brush loaded with the shaving lather, lather the face in a circular motion. This ensures that you lubricate the skin and get under the beard stubble. If you are lathering directly on to your face, you may need to wet the brush head with more warm water, which when re-applied to the face, will create more lather.




The ShaveShaving

Ensure that you use a sharp blade in your razor. We always recommend a good, high quality double edged safety razor blade in a double edged safety razor. Double edged safety razors are safe, provide a close shave and are much better for your skin than multi blade cartridge razors.

Do not use the blade for more than 5-6 days. A good quality double edged safety razor blade will keep its edge for anything between 5 to 7 shaves. As soon as you start to feel the blade tug and pull, replace it.

Shave with the grain (the direction the hair grows in) twice. Shaving your beard stubble against the grain can cause redness, razor burn and rashes although if it's a BBS finish you want shave against the grain on the third pass. Shave in short strokes - around 25-30mm at a time applying minimal pressure.

Do not pull the skin too tight if you do shave against the grain.

Rinse the head of your razor in warm water or swish it around in water frequently. All razor strokes should be slow and deliberate.

Once you have completely shaved your face, rinse with warm water and then re-apply more shaving lather with your brush.

Now shave across the grain of your face. Using short strokes, without applying any pressure on the razor.

Once completed rinse your face again with warm water.

For that really smooth, BBS, shave, apply a third layer of lather. Now shave against the grain of your beard. If you find this too sore, simply shave across, or with the grain once more.

Rinse your face with warm water to remove all traces of lather.



After the ShaveAfter shave balm

After you have finished your shave, splash your face with cold water and apply an after shave balm or moisturiser, to sooth and moisturise the skin. This will help to restore any lost moisture from the surface of the skin caused by shaving.

Rinse your shaving brush thoroughly in warm water, squeeze the head of the brush gently and then flick it a few times to get rid of excess water. Place your shaving brush on a brush stand, so the water can drip away from the base of the brush hair.

Never - I repeat - never stand your brush on its end, or keep it inside a cupboard or a bag, as the hair on the brush will smell, create mildew and rot.

Rinse your razor to clean off lather and hair, so that it is clean and ready for your next shave.

Finally, if you value your relationship with your partner don't forget to clean out the sink!



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