Shaving Equipment - A Guide To The Essentials

Shaving Equipment - A Guide To The Essentials

Shaving KitTo achieve 'the perfect shave' you must first have the correct shaving equipment. Naturally your shaving equipment will vary depending on your preferred choice of shaving technique or method, location and budget. However this being said there are of course some items of shaving equipment that are the same throughout, no matter what your preferred shaving technique is.

Below we have detailed out what we believe are the essentials of shaving and that you should always have in your shaving kit.

Shaving brush

Whether you use a shaving soap, shaving cream or even an aerosol can of foam or gel, you should always use a shaving brush to create your shaving lather and apply it to your face. The shaving brush will exfoliate your skin and lift the hairs of your beard off your skin, so that the razor blade can cut through them cleanly and easily. Preferably a badger hair shaving brush is always recommended, (the higher the grade of badger hair the better the shave), however, boar hair brushes are popular, especially with wet shavers who use shaving soaps. Synthetic bristle shaving brushes are now much more sophisticated and are great value for money.


Shaving razor

This will vary depending on your preferred shaving technique (most commonly Gillette Mach3 razor, cut throat razor, straight razor, open razor or safety razor). At Executive Shaving we always recommend that you use a double edged safety razor. These razors will give you a close, smooth shave and are kinder to your skin.


Pre shave treatment

A pre shave treatment is essential in preparing the skin before you apply a thick, rich and creamy lather. It will add an extra layer of protection to your skin and help to improve the glide of the razor across your face.


Shaving cream

An important emollient essential for not only protecting your skin and softening the beard, but also allows your razor to glide effortlessly and safely over the contours of your face to achieve the smoothest and closest of shaves.


Aftershave balm

With its skin cooling and healing ingredients aftershave balms are much preferred post shave over traditional alcohol based aftershaves which only dry the skin. Aftershave balms, gels and skin foods ensure your skin is protected and moisturised at all times.


Safe storage at home

Shaving sets, shaving kits and shaving stands not only ensure your shaving equipment is stored correctly and safely, but also proudly display and enhance the decor of your bathroom suite.


Safe storage away from home

Shaving equipment is available to you so you can still achieve 'the perfect shave' even on your travels. With ingenious shaving equipment such as travel razors, travel shaving brushes and shaving cream in tubes readily available you don’t have to compromise simply because you are away from home. Elegant wash bags to hold your shaving equipment means safe and easy storage on your travels.


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