Vintage Safety Razor Starting A Collection

Vintage Safety Razor Starting A Collection

Q: I'm looking to start collecting vintage English razors.

Could you give me a heads up on what might be a good place to start?


I'd prefer it if they actually shaved well!


Please let me know


. Thanks Phil


A: Most vintage razors we sell were made in USA, some Canada and some come from Mexico. Gillette also manufactured in the UK.

We have a really nice example in stock, a Vintage Open Tooth Safety Razor from the 1940s. This particular one is a hybrid, now and again Gillette would use up stock by marrying different handles to various shaving heads, this may be one of those.

Alternatively someone may have simply swapped a handle and head around. Gillette also manufactured razors for various UK stores in particular Boots The Chemist. This Open Tooth Razor has all the typical Gillette characteristics but no branding so I suspect that this razor was made by Gillette, left unbranded then sold in Boots or some other company's branded box.

 UK made razors are harder to source so you have your work cut out trying to build a collection. eBay is a good source but the quality varies, we have been ripped off a couple of times on eBay, your best bet is second hand fairs, jumble sales, car boot sales and antique fairs.

Happy hunting!

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