Top Seven Recommended Men’s Fragrances

Top Seven Recommended Men’s Fragrances

At this time of the year, with Christmas not far away, we are often contacted by new and existing customers asking about what cologne or aftershave they should buy for the man or men in their life.

This Buyers Guide makes it easy, here’s our Top Seven Men’s Fragrances that appeal to men of all ages in three price ranges, below £35.00, £35.00 to £60.00 and £60.00 plus.

Fragrances from £35.00 and under

Scottish Fine Soaps Thistle & Black Pepper Eau de Toilette (EDT) is a spray on. This masculine scent benefits from notes of black pepper, amber, sandalwood and sea buckthorn. Available for only £19.99.

Pocket Scents Bloodaxe is a strong, fierce and versatile scent, it opens with bergamot, lemon and pink pepper. Contains 15% perfume which is the mark of a quality EDP. This high-quality men's EDP comes nicely presented in a branded outer box, the heavy glass jar looks good. Priced at £34.99.

Fragrances from £35.00 to £60.00

Saponificio Varesino Cubebe Eau de Parfum. Citrusy, balsamic and aromatic, top notes of bergamot, lemon and white fir. A slightly floral body note with spicy hints of pepper and nutmeg. Woody, musky and slightly amber background note of patchouli, vetiver labdanum and benzoin. Nicely presented and ever so nice. 100ml availalbe at £55.00.

Geo. F. Trumper Spanish Leather Cologne. This cologne possesses musky woody tones with strong spicy notes of patchouli, sandalwood and vanilla; the beguiling scent of Spanish Leather is maybe one for the more mature gentleman. Comes with a crown designed screw top lid for only £48.00.

Castle Forbes Keig Eau de Parfum. An EDP that’s a zesty blend of lemon, lime and bergamot essential oils on a heart of sandalwood and cedarwood. Long lasting on the skin. Available from £60.00.

Fragrances from £60.00 upwards

Castle Forbes Special Reserve Vetiver Eau de Parfum. This possesses an earthy grass note with a clean woody, slightly smoky endurance, it has gained a reputation for easing tension and stress. Very long lasting on the skin and appreciated by men (and women) of all ages. Excellent value for money at £60.00.

Musgo Real Orange Amber Cologne. One of my favourites, this is a blend of citrus and spices to give a scent that is great for all occasions including everyday wear. The scent comes from a combination of mandarin orange and spicy bergamot with hints of amber and musk. Available from £63.50.

Why not treat your partner to something special this year, one that you can both enjoy.

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