The Executive Shaving Company Badger Hair & Shaving Brushes - A Statement

The Executive Shaving Company Badger Hair & Shaving Brushes - A Statement

Badger Hair Shaving Brushes – A Statement

As from 22nd November 2019, The Executive Shaving Company will no longer be purchasing badger hair shaving brushes. Instead, we will promote and sell only animal friendly synthetic fibre shaving brushes.
Existing stocks of badger hair brushes will be sold at a discounted price from Friday 29th November.

A recent investigation by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) into the badger-hair industry, which supplies hair for makeup, shaving, and paintbrushes, revealed hellish living conditions, including badgers imprisoned in cramped wire cages. Wild animals kept in confinement often suffer from captivity-induced psychosis and gaping, untreated wounds. One badger was found to be missing a leg. At the slaughterhouse, a worker beat crying badgers over the head with a chair leg, and then slit their throats. One badger was still convulsing after his throat was cut.

After PETA shared the video footage with Procter & Gamble—which owns The Art of Shaving—Morphe, NARS, The New York Shaving Company, and several others, these companies made the decision to ban badger hair brushes. I understand that GB Kent a leading UK retailer of shaving brushes has also stopped buying in badger hair brushes.

The Executive Shaving Company has been told for many years by the Chinese manufactures of badger hair shaving brushes that the badgers were bred in captivity for their meat and the coat of the animal was a waste by-product of the meat. The PETA investigation has proved beyond a doubt that this is not the case. A quick search on the internet for the search term ‘badger killing for shaving brushes’ will reveal various horrific videos showing the appalling way these animals are bred and killed.

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