The cost of cartridge razor blades

The cost of cartridge razor blades

The rising cost of cartridge razor blades have long been an issue for many frustrated consumers.

Today, MPs from the Democratic Unionist Party in Northern Ireland have called on the Office of Fair Trading and consumer bodies to investigate the high costs of cartridge razor blades. The Early Day motion notes "the exorbitant increase in the retail price of men's razor blade cartridges where in three years the price has increased in some cases by almost 100%".

The politicians said "it has been reported that the production costs per cartridge are in pence, while marketing, packaging and profiteering are resulting in margins of around a 1,000%, with an eight-cartridge pack currently retailing at many outlets at approximately £22".

Luckily, there are products available to counter the ever increasing cost of blade cartridges. Many men have switched to more traditional razors including double edge safety razors and cut throat razors.

Alternatively, for those men happy to continue using the cartridge blade system, the RazorPit razor blade sharpener is a must-have item for you. Developed in Denmark, the RazorPit works with all cartridges blades and uses unique friction technology to clean off the residue (cream, soap, hairs and skin cells) leaving you with a clean and sharp razor blade - which last for up to 150 shaves and saves you 90% on razor blades.

If you're unhappy with the cost of cartridge razor blades, you don't need to wait for the results of an investigation, just get yourself a RazorPit today!

To find out more about the RazorPit Razor Blade Sharpeners, click here.

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