Merkur Futur Shaving Sets

Merkur Futur Shaving Sets

The Merkur of Solingen Futur safety razor set arrived back in stock today.

One of our best selling safety razors, the Merkur Futur comes with 5 adjustable settings to allow you to choose the setting that best suits your skin type and shaving requirements.

The Futur razor is also compatible with all safety razor blades to ensure you can shave with your blade of choice.

The set also contains a silvertip badger hair brush which is finished in mirror chrome to match the razor, and can be used to lather both shaving soaps and creams in the luxury frosted glass shaving bowl.

Completing the Merkur Futur safety razor set is the mirror chrome shaving stand which displays the razor and brush while neatly incorporating the bowl into the base. 

The Merkur Futur set is amongst our most popular safety razor sets and is only available in very limited numbers.

To get your hands on this luxury set today, click the link below: Merkur Futur Safety Razor Set

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