Teenage and Acne Prone Skin Shaving

Teenage and Acne Prone Skin Shaving

A recent visitor to the site, Nyree, asks -

Q: My teenage son has recently started shaving and he keeps using the trimmer on his electric shaver claiming the foil head won't shave the hair away and when he presses harder it irritates his skin, what is he doing wrong? (female single parent - no male to ask!)

A: Thanks for getting in touch, Nyree.
Teenage skin is often very sensitive and acne prone, an electric razor is the last thing that a young man of teenage years should be using to shave his face. An electric razor can spread spots and acne, damage tender skin and invariably lead to ingrown hairs, razor bumps and razor rash. Being a teenager is hard enough for your son without him having to worry about damaging his face or making acne worse with an electric razor.

This is a common question, so we've compiled a helpful guide to the best starter shaving kit for teenagers. Hopefully this helps:


Ideally your son should shave after showering, at the very least, he should wash his face with WARM water before shaving but never with hot water as water that's too hot actually dries out and damages the skin

The Razor

We recommend the Japanese made Feather Neo Razor, this is a cartridge razor with a difference, the blades are sharp and they remain sharp longer than Gillette blades. You're much better off with sharp blades that shave the hairs at skin level unlike an electric razor. It may take a little bit longer to wet shave but the results are worth it.
Your son should shave only in the direction his bristles grow, this way he will negate the possibility of ingrown hairs. He should use a light touch and rinse the razor in running water frequently to avoid the cartridge blade getting clogged up.
The blade should be washed after use to kill bacteria on the blade, change the blade as soon as the shave quality is compromised. He will soon learn when the blade needs changed, the blade will tug at the bristles rather than effortlessly shaving them and post shave his skin may be red and irritated.

The Shaving Cream & Brush

Choose a shaving cream that's suitable for sensitive skin, such as Extro Cosmesi Arzachena or Bay Rum shaving creams. This should be applied with a synthetic shaving brush. Synthetic brushes only need minimal maintenance and they're perfect for sensitive, tender skin. Use the brush to apply to the skin and to generate a rich, protective lather.

After Shaving

This is an often missed step, but it's actually one of the most important. Shaving takes a lot out of your skin, it removes oils and dead skin cells. A mild action post shave balm will moisturise and soothe his skin after shaving.
If his skin is oily and greasy, he may use a mild aftershave splash, this will tone the skin leaving it lightly scented and help heal any small nicks and pimples.

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