Spanish Leather Shaving Cream And Aftershave - A Brief History.

Spanish Leather Shaving Cream And Aftershave - A Brief History.

Spanish Leather - An Intriguing Fragrance.


The scent of Spanish Leather shaving cream and aftershave take me back to when I was a small boy. It reminds me of trips to the local barber with my grandfather when he went to get a hair cut and for special occasions a shave. It was always a scent I associated with him, a real mans fragrance.

I was working in our store room and I came across our stock of Geo F Trumpers Spanish Leather Shaving Cream and it reminded me of those days.

I have always wondered why it was called Spanish Leather and I was prompted to look in to the history behind the name. The origins for the scent have been traced back to 16th century Spanish tanners who used a combination of essential oils, civet and musk in the tanning process.

Hence the name Spanish Leather, which is a rough translation of the Spanish term 'Peau d'Espange', (translated literally in to Skin of Spain or Spanish Skin). This unique fragrance has been described in the past by various historical voices, as a 'highly complex and luxurious perfume', 'the favourite scent of a sensuous person' and 'the closest to the scent of a woman's skin'.

Over the centuries this sensual scent has become much sought after as a cosmetic fragrance. Being worn by both men and women alike.

Today it has become a classic shaving scent found in shaving cream and some aftershaves. It is one that is now becoming increasingly popular once again.

The Geo. F. Trumpers Spanish Leather shaving cream  I came across in our store room possesses a deep, rich, masculine fragrance with notes of musk, wood and spice. It creates an excellent shaving lather, which is perfect for protecting and nourishing your skin during shaving.

Every time I catch a whiff of its fragrance it takes me back in time.

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