Single Edge Razor Treats Skin Problems

Single Edge Razor Treats Skin Problems

Men with skin problems often don’t shave for days on end and when they do eventually shave they suffer from redness, itchiness, razor bumps and cuts.
I believe the vast majority of these problems can be eliminated if the user has a good shaving technique and uses the right tools. 
First things first, no matter what type of razor you use - 

  • Always shave with a sharp blade, the sharper the better.
  • Always shave on top of a rich, creamy, protective lather.
  • Shave with a light touch
  • Shave in the direction your bristles grow in (until your skin problems are resolved).
  • After shaving moisturise and soothe your skin with an aftershave balm.

If you have tried all of these things and you still get post shave irritation then your next step has to be a OneBlade Single Edge Razor.
OneBlade razors are engineered to deliver zero razor bumps, nicks, or ingrown hairs.
They have only one, very sharp shaving edge that’s secured in a head that pivots while you shave.
With a single blade you can shave right on the skins surface, not beneath it in the land of redness and razor bumps.  With the specially engineered angle, pivot and sharpness built into the OneBlade design, you’re set up for a close but skin-loving shave.

Using a OneBlade is easy, the pivoting head sees to that, it adjusts while you shave, there is no learning curve which can be an issue for some men moving from cartridge razors to safety razors and cut throat razors. Prices from £70.00.
There are three OneBlade razors to choose from:

  1. Genesis: This is their flagship razor, it’s made entirely from ultra-high-grade German stainless steel with military-grade PVD coating.
  2. Hybrid: This razor has a stainless steel head and a polymer handle, made with engineering-grade Tritan.
  3. Core: Made from engineer-grade Tritan Polymer with a stainless steel core rod that runs through the length of the handle.

No matter which OneBlade razor you choose you can say goodbye to post shave skin problems, say hello to nice looking skin and enjoy shaving.

Buy a OneBladeCore Razor here.

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