Intensive Moisturising Balm - Not Just For After Shaving

Intensive Moisturising Balm - Not Just For After Shaving

Intensive Moisturising Balm

Our own Intensive Moisturising Balm has since its launch five years ago never once been out of our top 10 selling items.
Unlike many other balms, ours has a reputation for being not only an effective aftershave balm but also as a wonderfully good general facial moisturiser.

Our advice is to use it twice daily, once after shaving and once in the evening. The first thing I do when I get home is wash my hands and face and apply some Intensive Moisturiser. Only then do I sit down to eat.

Many of the 67 reviews for our Intensive Moisturising Balm mention how well it soothes the skin after exposure to inclement weather and one Australian lady mentioned how it outperformed her expensive after-sun balm. While Gavin the joiner left this review: ‘I purchased this for use after shaving and when it arrived I tried some on my hands, WOW, I am a 55-year-old joiner with extremely sore and dry hands after working with plasterboard every day for 3 weeks, the soothing effect was immediate and left my hands feeling incredibly good. I have tried every moisturiser and cream under the sun on my hands over the years and this one is by far the best yet. I wish they sold it in gallon tubs’.

Why is it so good? One reason is that it’s lovingly created in the Highlands of Scotland using water drawn from the pure shores of Loch Lee. This balm immediately restores any moisture lost during washing, shaving and everyday life. It soothes tender, shaved and waxed skin and restores the skin's natural pH balance after exposure to sunshine and extreme weather conditions. Cooling and soothing, it absorbs easily in the skin without leaving it shiny. It has a fairly neutral, clean scent which soon disappears allowing you to apply a fragrance shortly afterwards.

We love bunnies as much as anyone else does and for that reason, we insist that all Executive Shaving products are 100% cruelty-free and not tested on animals. Our products are also alcohol and paraben free.
Here’s another review this time from Mark: ‘This should be your top gun. We all need something to restore the damage life inflicts and more so as the years go by. This is tough protection for tough skin, it means it when it says 'Intensive'. My haggard features need plenty of help these days and I've experienced pretty nearly every help going; Executive Shaving Intensive Moisturising Balm is now my standard choice. Two squirts for me. If you're under fifty, one would be masses. Also, the photo is deceptive; this is a big chunky bottle, you're getting lots for your money. Buy a second for your gym bag it's very reasonably priced for this quality.

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