Shaving Rash Solutions From Our Shaving Expert

Shaving Rash Solutions From Our Shaving Expert

Stephen, England 18 May 2012

Q: I have tried numerous blades over the years, but never seem able to get a close shave without cutting myself whilst taking half an hour or more shaving in multiple directions. Additionally I get a line of rash on the line of the neck; regardless of direction of cut or product used. Please can you help as I don't hear about colleagues having the same grief. I currently use Mach3 blades and Nivea shave cream and post shave soothing balm.

A: Stephen here are some tips:

Always use a sharp blade, Mach3 blades are very expensive so use a RazorPit Blade Sharpener before each shave so you always use a sharp blade. Save a fortune too as you will get up to 150 shaves from each Mach3 blade if you use the RazorPit.

Better still get yourself a Safety Razor which much kinder to the skin and gives a very close yet comfortable shave.

Use the Feather Blades and the Muhle Razor with a face friendly shaving cream such as Taylor Of Old Bond Street Jermyn Street Sensitive Skin Shaving Cream. 

Stop shaving in multiple directions - using Mach3 razors gets you into bad habits such as pressing too hard with the razor and shaving in multiple directions, this poor technique is more likely to be the cause of your skin problem rather than the shaving cream you are using.

Using a safety razor really makes you think about your technique. Shave with the grain twice, lathering up in between shaves, then shave against or diagonally against the grain once. Use only minimal pressure when using a safety razor, the head is specifically weighted to give all the pressure needed.

If your technique is good that is all you need do to get a baby bum smooth (BBS) daily shave. It only takes me 15 minutes daily to get a fuss free, irritation free shave.

After shaving, splash cold water on the face then lightly rub an Alum Block on the shaved area to soothe the skin, kill bacteria and close the pores. Let the residue from the Alum Block dry on your face before again splashing the face and applying a post shave balm.

Nivea Post Shave Balm is a good product, I use it from time to time so stick with it. NEVER apply an alcohol based after shave or cologne onto the face as it will dry the skin and cause irritation.

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